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For those of you who don’t know me, I started receiving dreams from YHVH shortly after I repented early July. Most of the time, these dreams are answers to prayers or questions I have for Him or Yeshua. I don’t hear His voice audibly when I am awake, only during dreams and visions. I do not know why YHVH has given me dreams, but I do know this. Even though some of my dreams have been prophetic in nature, I AM NOT A PROPHET.

I am just a child of YHVH who asked to be used to further His Kingdom and shortly after I began receiving dreams. I will post my dreams here from time to time, and I have also created a YouTube Channel for the dreams that are warnings for others as well as me. You do not have to believe me when I say I receive dreams, and you do not have to read or watch the videos. All I ask is that you pray to YHVH and Yeshua and ask them to lead you to the truth.

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Note: Due to technical difficulties (I accidentally deleted my channel and had to start again), I will post my dreams on my blog as they are not all uploaded on YouTube yet.

Update: All videos are now on my channel.

Malaysian Flight MH370

Okay. This is mostly speculation on my part, but does anyone else find the missing plane a little too strange? I mean, an entire plane just disappears into thin air with all the passengers and no-one has any idea where it is? It is so like “Lost” it is almost scary. I say almost scary because nothing in this world frightens me anymore since I know who is really in control.

First of all, the missing plane is a false flag event. Why do I think this? Because there are so many changing stories every day. First it disappears, then it fragmented in space, then it was a terrorist attack, then the communication devices in the plane were switched off so it must have been someone in the plane most likely the pilot, who supposedly commited suicide, then they said that they found debris in the ocean not far from Perth in Australia, and now they’re saying it’s an oil spill. I believe that the people who are really behind this know exactly where that plane is and they are going to string it out as long as they can so that the entire world is distracted so they can carry on their plan for the NWO. What I am not sure about is whether or not the people in the plane are dead, however, if they are alive, I believe that whatever the Elite has planned for the plane, the people in the plane may not survive it.

I’m going to offer some Conspiracy Theories of my own. Feel free to give your own opinions on the matter. These Theories are just about where the plane is now, rather than what the Elite have planned, although I do have a few theories about that as well.

1. If anybody is aware, the US Government have come out and stated that they are in contact with aliens. Now I don’t consider this a coincidence that a few days prior or after the plane goes missing the US Government mentions contacting aliens. If you don’t know this by now, aliens do exist and they are NOT benevolent beings like ET. They are evil and are in league with Satan and his Fallen Angels. Some of the aliens, such as the Greys are controlled by the Fallen Angels, other aliens are Fallen Angels themselves. Look up Thomas Elvin Costello and The Prisoner of Dulce Base on YouTube for more information on these aliens. WARNING: These videos are not for the faint hearted and not for children. Watch at your own risk.
Now how this fits in with the missing plane is this: The Elite have taken the plane and hidden it in Area 51. Dulce Base is considered the deepest level of Area 51 and there have been a number of workers in Area 51 and Dulce Base that have come out and stated that humans are kept in Dulce Base in cages to be used as food for the aliens. Why would the Elite do this? Because it is the aliens that have supplied them with their super-technology and the Elite need to keep the aliens “sweet” so to speak.

2. The Malaysian plane going missing is a repeat of the Sandy Hook hoax. If you have done your investigating and your research into Sandy Hook, you will no doubt have come across much information about how Sandy Hook was a complete hoax, in that there were never any people killed, with the exception of the “shooter”. What has been proven is that the parents of the children that were killed were actors. Some of the other children who were evacuated have come out and said that they were told that it was a “practice drill” i.e. they were evacuated BEFORE the shooting EVER TOOK PLACE.
How does this fit in with the Malaysian plane: Do you remember the TV show “Lost”? Well anyone who is awake is aware that the Elite love to put their agenda on films and TV shows. Remember how in the second or third season it emerged that there were two Oceania planes that went missing? One ended up crashing on the island and the other plane WAS SUNK ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN!! It was a hoax to divert attention from the real Oceania plane because the Powers That Be knew where the real plane was all along! Now I’m not saying that there are two Malaysian MH370s out there BUT I am saying that the plane was always meant to be a false flag to mislead the public i.e. they always intended to have the plane disappear! A film to cast your mind back to is Chariot. In Chariot, a plan that had taken off from Angola was made a part of Project Chariot. This plane disappeared off the face of the earth for 9 years and then re-emerged only to be used to hit the White House. Why would they make the Malaysian plane disappear? I don’t know, but whatever reason, it won’t be good.

Check out Lost Season 4 Episode 2 “Confirmed Dead” for footage of the sunk plane. I have included a YouTube video showing clips from the movie Chariot for you to look at. Make up your own mind in regards to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.