Farhan Khan (FarhanK501/efkhn)

I was woken up Friday night/Saturday morning twice. Once at 2 o’clock and again at 4 o’clock. Each time I was woken by a single clap, like someone had placed their hands close to my ear anc clapped. The first time I went back to sleep straight away, the second time I was disconcerted and was unable to sleep. I tried to sleep for half an hour and couldn’t. Each time I was woken there was one name in my head. “Farhan Khan”. After half an hour, I gave up trying to sleep and began to think about why I was woken up. Instantly it was put in my heart to talk to Father. I sat up in bed, said the Lord’s prayer, and began to talk to Father.


I started by asking Him if He had woken me up, and if it was Him that was reminding me of Farhan Khan. I told Him that if He had woken me up I was sorry that I ignored Him the first time. Then I sat up and waited. Immediately, I felt calmer and more collected and the need to sleep left me. This happens when I am woken by Father because He needs me to know or do something. Immediately I felt concerned, but I realized that my concern was not for me, it was concern for others. Instantly Father started speaking to me. Now for those of you who are not aware of how my conversations with God work, I will describe it as best I can for you.


I do not hear Father’s audible voice, as in I can’t hear Him speak or talk, nor do I hear Yeshua’s voice, at least when I’m awake. However, I have received dreams and a vision from Father and in some of those dreams and vision, I have heard His voice, and in the vision, I have also heard Yeshua’s voice. When God speaks to me during my waking hours, He speaks to my Spirit. This feels like someone has dropped something into my heart like the postman putting letters in your letterbox, except God is the postman and the letterbox is your heart. When I feel this little heaviness, I close my eyes, think about Yeshua, and I imagine myself opening my heart with a key and picking up the message and the words of the message flash across my mind.


Sometimes, if the message is extremely urgent, I will feel emotion behind the words, as I did Friday night/Saturday morning. This was the concern I mentioned earlier, except it was stronger now. My Spirit feels the emotion, and because my Spirit resides within me, I feel what my Spirit feels, which is how I am able to sometimes pick up emotions behind the messages I receive. I received a series of messages from Father in this way (others who talk to God receive paragraphs at a time in their messages, I only receive a few sentences at a time, so a message that is long could take an hour or more to be received fully) for at least an hour.


In this hour, Father told me that research that I had done in the last few days and during the early days of my walk with Yeshua I had done it because He had lead me to do it. Many times, about 95% of the time, when I am lead to research a particular subject, or a person, I don’t know why I am researching, I just know that I am supposed to do it. After I have completed the research, it could be a day or a few days later, Father tells me why I was lead to research what I did and what He wants me to do with it. The other 5% of the time the research is just for me to learn about how the world has gotten to the state that it is in, usually I am told this as I am doing the research, and that the research may become important later, I should just know it for now.


The note that I am writing now is as a result of the research that I have done over the last few days into a particular person and his work on YouTube. This man’s name is Farhan Khan. Now to the best of my knowledge, I do not believe this man to be false, in that he is openly deceiving people with his messages. This man is very clear in his belief system, and it is there for the world to see, however, due to circumstances outside this man’s control, his message is being used by others and his belief system is not apparent and therefore the messages are taken out of context. The belief system I am referring to is Islam.


Now, for those of you who are not aware of Farhan Khan, he had a YouTube channel (FarhanK501) a number of years ago in which he exposed the Illuminati by showing people the subliminal messages they were putting out through Hollywood movies and the Music Industry. Unfortunately, about two years ago, his account was suspended and his videos were lost. I say unfortunately, because this is when his original belief system got lost in the mix. At that time he had 77,000 subscribers and over 37 milliuon views. Now other YouTube users downloaded two (as far as I am aware) of his videos. These videos are: “The Music Industry Exposed” and another video which I am not sure of the name because I can’t find the full length version, but it is about the link between religion, hollywood and the illuminati and why Islam is the true religion.


These videos have then been made into parts by these users or as is the case when I first came across Farhan’s videos certain bits of his videos are used in other’s videos (Truth777Exposed used parts of The Music Industry Exposed and a little of his first video in their playlist “Michael Jackson’s Death Exposed” and TruthShockTV used some of his The Music Industry Exposed video in one of his playlists “Breaking Down The Illuminati”.) It is because of this that Farhan’s belief system was not apparent to me when I first came across his videos. After watching Truth777Exposed and TruthShockTV’s videos I searched for Farhan Khan’s videos.


I found a video stating the FarhanK501 was suspended but I found his full length video “The Music Industry Exposed” and I watched it. It was only when I watched the full video that it became apparent that he was a Muslim and that he was trying to push people into believing that Islam is the only true religion. At the time I was not Born Again, I was just aware that there was something wrong in the world and so this did not register as something I should stay away from. But after I had seen his video I went away and didn’t search for him anymore, as I had researched the Illuminati enough at that stage, and instead turned my attention to Monarch Programming.


However, a few days ago, I had again felt the urge to start researching more Illuminatised music and came across Farhan’s video again. However, this time I was urged to find his channel. I thought this urge was strange as I knew his channel was suspended. Again I was urged to find his channel, this time with a realization that he could have started a new channel. So I typed in Farhan Khan and I found a video by TheFreemasonCrew stating that Farhan Khan was back. Now TheFreemasonCrew state that he is not linked to the Freemasons or the Illuminati, but in one of the comments on his videos exposing McDonald’s link to the Illuminati, he states that he is Muslim.


Now this I knew before I found this video as I had watched his videos on McDonald’s as part of my research into GMO and how it is all part of the Illuninati’s depopulation plans. But as I was only watching his videos for researching GMO I didn’t watch any other of his videos. When I saw his video on Farhan Khan, alarm bells started ringing, but I didn’t know why. In the description of the video there is a link to Farhan’s website, so I clicked it and there I found a link to his new channel (efkhn). I checked it out and it only contained a trailer for his new series Indigo which was going to expose the Illuminati some more.


I found a link to his Facebook page on his new channel and so I looked at it. It seemed innocuous enough, quotes from people who were exposing the Illuminati and little bits and pieces about himself and his channel. Then I found posts that contained scripture from the Qur’an. At this point that alarm bells intensified in my mind, but again I didn’t know why. Then I remembered his video “The Music Industry Exposed” and how he had mentioned Islam being the only true religion. At this point, the alarm bells went from bells to full on sirens. I knew something was really wrong but I didn’t know what. That was on Friday. I had started looking at bits of his video on Wednesday and again Thursday. Friday night/Saturday morning Father woke me up and told me why I had been led to research Farhan Khan’s videos and Farhan Khan himself.


I’m really sorry about the length of this note, but in order for you to understand the problem I had to break it down for you. The reason Father had me do this research and the reason for the alarm was this: when YouTube suspended Farhan’s account, other users had downloaded his videos that I mentioned and very few of them re-uploaded the full videos again. So now, there are a small amount of the full “The Music Video Exposed” and many parts of that video and his other video. Some users have his videos in parts on their channel so it is possible to watch his videos in entirety. Others, and this is the concerning part, only have one or two parts of different videos, that they use to supplement their own research.


I know that Truth777Exposed and TruthShockTV and Christian YouTubers. I believe, and if I’m honest, I’m hoping, that they used parts of Farhan’s videos that weren’t uploaded as part of the whole video and so they are not aware of Farhan’s belief in Islam. Herein is the big problem, and this is why Father wanted me to write this note. Farhan uses the word God not Allah, when he mentions God. It is not apparent that he is even Muslim unless you are able to watch his videos in full or you see the scripture from the Qur’an on his Facebook page, in which he has Allah written in brackets like this: God (Allah).


It is entirely possible, that people will watch Truth777Exposed and TruthShockTV’s vidoes and see Farhan’s work contained in the video and will see God and instantly think of the Christian God when in fact it is Allah that Farhan is referring to. This is what I meant when I stated that Farhan himself is not false, he is not blatantly deceiving anyone, he is open about the fact that he believeds that Islam is the true religion and therfore you can avoid him if you know about it. However, his message has been twisted by the fact that others have used parts of his videos in their videos and unwittingly are pushing a False God upon the people.


I will now give you the research that I found: the playlists mentioned, Farhan’s full video and part 1 of his first video (you should be able to find the rest of the parts from that part, if not let me know and I will put them in a private message for you.), his facebook page and his website. I am not trying to endorse this man, I am simply sharing the research so that you can look at it yourself, and discern for yoursleves if this man’s videos acn be trusted or not. His research into the Illumninati is very well done, and cannot be faulted, at least by me, however, it does not take away from the fact that he is Muslim and that he does not mean the One True God when he mentions God.


“Michael Jackson’s Death Exposed”: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFC2DE568C7025710

“Breaking Down The Illuminati”: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1Xg_yMO6sgjSwhSm_TSt2b_5ImqaT1Yj

“The Music Industry Exposed”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUByL6LRj2I

Part 1 of his first video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7yYICTs0po

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FK501

Website: www.farhankhan.com


May YHWH bless you all and keep you safe from harm. Thanks for reading. Again, I’m really sorry about the length.

Abbas Unlikely to Dissolve Palestinian Authority

Palestinians skeptical of the Oslo process have for years been complaining that it has served only to relieve Israel of its obligations as an occupying force, instead of producing an independent and sovereign Palestinian state. This has led to repeated calls for the dissolution of the Oslo-created Palestinian Authority (PA).

 Empowering a population and allowing it to practice a certain level of self-determination was seen as an initial accomplishment that would serve as a bridge toward total independence. The recognition of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which prior to Oslo had been outlawed as a terrorist organization, and the return of Palestinian leaders and families were seen by many as a partial implementation of the right of return.

For Israel, the Oslo process provided major relief for its occupation forces, freeing them from having to guard populated Palestinian cities. The division of Palestinian-controlled territory into Areas A, B and C was tolerated within a temporary, five-year transition plan. Extending it to more than 20 years was never part of the original deal signed on the White House lawn in 1993.

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Erdogan’s Victory a Warning to West

Despite the corruption allegations, Twitter ban and seemingly incriminating leaked tapes, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party (AKP) won approximately 44% of the popular vote in municipal elections on March 30, according to the official tally.

Erdogan’s victory speech offered no olive branches or open hands. It was instead a clenched fist. The prime minister’s remarks conveyed his sense of righteous vindication and included a warning to his political opponents that “we will enter their lair. … They are going to pay the price.”


As Cengiz Candar writes: “Among the difficult-to-forget moments of election night were Erdogan’s emergence onto the balcony, waving his hands and raising the four-finger salute of support for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and his declaring the situation between Turkey and Syria a “state of war” (which, of course, had nothing to do with international law).”

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Election Results Unlikely to Decrease Polarization in Turkey

ISTANBUL — Turkey’s polarization has reached such levels that, despite hopes that the March 30 elections would soften it, initial results indicate just the opposite is likely.

It was difficult to talk of a definitive early trend because two major news agencies were reporting widely divergent results. The reports of the semi-official Anatolian Agency clashed with the numbers from the Cihan News Agency, which is owned by partisans of theGulen movement. This only confused Turks excitedly trying to learn what was happening from their TV screens.

While Anatolian gave the impression that the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government was winning a thunderous victory, Cihan, which in earlier elections gained a reputation for reliable coverage, was reporting very different figures.

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