Come out of her, my People Part 2

Okay, so I assume that you are after watching my dream video and have read the interpretation, if you haven’t please go to Part 1 of this post which you can find here. Now, in this post I am going to expose the event that I was warned about in my dream. It may not make any sense to you, but if you go back and read Part 1 and watch the video, you will begin to see the link between this post and my dream. But don’t worry, because I will also tell you the link, but it will help if you can see it for yourself.

Now the event I am talking about is the Confirmation ceremony that usually takes place when the child is about 11 or 12. It usually takes place around April/May every two years. Now, I’m sure you are reading this and thinking, but I know the Catholic Church is evil, I’ve seen all the videos, and read all the articles, and the Pope is Anti-Christ/False Prophet, depending on whose posts/videos you are watching or reading. But, have you ever read or seen a video that tells you exactly what goes on inside these ceremonies?

I haven’t. I’ve seen all the videos talking about the history of the church and all about the true meaning of the Communion, but I have never actually read an in-depth breakdown of one of the ceremonies or even the masses. I just thought KNOWING that the Church was evil was enough and I didn’t need to know anything else. That all changed on the 8th of May when I attended the Confirmation of my nephew. Now let me be clear on this. I have absolutely nothing against anybody who follows the Catholic religion.

That is their choice, just like it is my choice to follow Yeshua and YHWH and obey them. But, I am against the Roman Catholic Church and all the lies they put out to the public. BUT, I do not for ONE MINUTE believe that it is just in the Vatican the corruption lies. I believe that the priests are involved in the corruption as well. If you are taught lies, you believe lies, if you believe lies, lies are all you know. Deception is deception whether you wittingly engage in it or not.

As I said in Part 1 when I receive warning dreams, I have no clue as to what I am actually being warned about until the event actually happens. In the dreams where I play a role, my role becomes apparent to me when the event is happening. It was not until the Confirmation ceremony was well and truly underway, that it became apparent that I was being warned that there was something very wrong with the ceremony and that my role was to warn people of the truth about what is really happening in this ceremony.

So I am going to present to you in this post, everything I observed, and everything that Father explained to me about the ceremony, as well as things I learned afterwards when I began to start looking for the meaning of some of the symbols I saw.

When I first walked into the church and sat in a pew, I saw a white shawl covering the pulpit on the right. (In our local Catholic Church there are two pulpits with the altar in the middle between them) On the shawl were three symbols. The first was the all-seeing eye. It looked like this:
The three lines were not on the symbol I saw but everything else was identical. This symbol is representing Sirius, the star goddess, also known as the queen of heaven. Sometimes the rays of light are seen, sometimes they aren’t. Either way it is still symbolizing the same thing. Now, when you read the statement “also known as the queen of heaven” did anything come to mind? Did the word queen strike a chord with you? Where else would you have heard the word queen used in regards to the Catholic religion?

I remember a hymn I used to hear being sung in the Catholic Church called “Sweet Queen of Peace”. It was a song about Mary. As in the mother of Yeshua. She is also known as “the Mother of God”. Now, feel free to correct me here but YHWH doesn’t have a mother. As in I don’t remember reading anywhere about Him being born. Okay, I know some of you believe that Yeshua is God in the flesh, and if I’m honest I believe it too. But you need to understand something. Mary is known as the Mother of God, not the Mother of God in the flesh. Do you see the difference?

In order for Mary to be the Mother of God, she would have to have been there from the foundation of the world. But we know from John 1:1 that there were only two beings in the beginning. God and the Word. We know that the Word is Yeshua, but if Mary is the Mother of God, why isn’t she mentioned? Because she isn’t there. Mary wasn’t even born then, so she couldn’t be the Mother of God. So why do they call her that? They call her that because when they mention Mary, the Mother of God, they are really talking about Sirius, who is also known as Isis, the Mother of Horus, who is in fact an Egyptian god who conquered death. Sound familiar? Does Horus sound a little bit like Yeshua? That’s because the Yeshua that the Catholic Church pray to is in fact Horus. Making Mary Isis, which is just another name for Sirius. She has many names. Are you beginning to see how the Roman Catholic Church have spun their lies around the Truth. Now, please understand something. I am not trying to make out like I believe that Yeshua is in fact false and agreeing with all these Bible bashers, not at all! These lies that the Roman Catholic Church are telling have been centuries in the making. Since Satan deceived Eve in the garden of Eden and YHWH made Satan’s seed enemies with Eve’s seed, Satan has been copying everything YHWH and Yeshua do. Right down to creating false gods such as Horus in a direct copy of Yeshua, and Molech also known as Osiris in a direct copy of YHWH so doing in the hopes that he can be raised above YHWH and Yeshua as the Creator himself. By the way, Molech/Osiris is also Sirus’/Isis’ husband. Moving on…

The second symbol was what looked like a sword blade down within an X. It looked like this:
This is the symbol of the papacy. I could go into a big spiel about the Vatican and the False Prophet, but I won’t. There isn’t much more I can add to what is out there about the Vatican and the False Prophet anyway.

The third symbol was a dove flying down. This was the closest I could find to what I saw:

I asked Father what these three symbols together meant and how the Church were passing them off. He told me that the truth was that the children would be subjected to a false spirit created by Lucifer, if they received any spirit at all. He also told me that this was how the Church were passing it off: YHWH is watching over everybody and sees everything they do (All-Seeing Eye), He is acting through His true church (the Roman Catholic Church states that it is the Church started on the rock that is Peter, the symbol of the Papacy symbolizes this belief), and He is sending the Holy Spirit to the children (the dove)

Behind the altar there stood a big wooden cross with a white shawl draped over the arms. However, Yeshua was not hanging on this cross, so I was not too sure what it was doing there, I just knew that the cross is used as a Gnostic symbol and so I knew that it was not used to bring worship and glory to YHWH.

When the bishop who was carrying out the ceremony came out, he was dressed all in white and he wore the hat in the shape of a fish head, similar to what the pope wears except it was golden in color. He carried a staff. At the top of the staff where it curves there was an engraved image of a lamb lying down with the sun disc behind its head. I believe this to be a reference to Apollo, or as he is known in Revelation Apollyon. Now, when the world will be in chaos during the Great Tribulation, Anti-Christ will be seen as a Saviour by the people as he will be seen to bring about peace. I am not going to get into it in this post as I plan to do a post about this “peace propaganda” that we are being subjected to by advertisements and the media. Now, Apollyon is the 1st Beast in Revelation. Now, this is the one and only time I will say this: THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IS NOT THE BEAST, AND THE POPE IS NOT ANTI-CHRIST. THE BEAST IS A FALLEN ANGEL WHO WILL BE RELEASED FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PIT BY SATAN AND IT WILL POSSESS THE MAN WHO WILL BE ANTI-CHRIST.

Now, this is going to sound confusing so please bear with me. I’ll try to explain this as best I can. I mentioned earlier in my post that Horus is a False god who is mimicking the characteristics of Yeshua. Now I have mentioned Apollyon who is going to possess the man who will be Anti-Christ who is being set up as a false Saviour. I am not trying to confuse you or contradicting myself. The truth is this: Horus’  life story fits Yeshua’s life story so perfectly for this one reason. You may have come across a number of people trying to tell you that Yeshua is Satan. They are saying this based on Horus. They are trying to tell you that Christians took the story of Osiris and created Yeshua from it. When it is the other way around. Horus is based on Yeshua.  Guys I am telling you now, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! This is exactly what Satan wants. Not only does he want the belief in Yeshua as being the only way, the truth, and the life to be destroyed, he wants to COMPLETELY DESTROY ALL BELIEF IN YESHUA AND YHWH. How better to do it than to trick the public into believing that Christianity is simply just a copy of the pagan religion complete with a God who is based on a pagan god and His Only Begotton Son who is based on the son of that pagan god. Remember Zeitgeist the movie? This movie picks out three gods whose lives completely mirror Yeshua’s life, from birth to death, including resurrection, Horus being one of them, I can’t remember the other two and quite frankly, I’m not going to look for the movie to tell you because I don’t need to. Horus’ story should be enough for you to see the lie.

Those who already don’t believe in Yeshua have their “proof” He doesn’t exist with this movie and the lukewarm Christians who are not rock solid in their faith will be angry that they have been deceived and will walk away. Now, faith in Yeshua will have taken a huge hit, BUT, because faithful believers and followers such as myself, and those reading this know the real Yeshua, we do not need proof of His existence because He has made Himself known to us and that is good enough for me, if not for you as well. So, Satan needs a back-up plan. This is where Anti-Christ comes in and how the Church plays a role in it.

I just stated earlier that I believe that the image on the staff was a reference to Apollyon. However, it is the man who will become Anti-Christ who will be considered the Saviour as he will be mirroring some of the characteristics of Yeshua, however, he won’t have the unconditional love that Yeshua has, and unless you have experienced that you will be fooled by him. Now, how does Anti-Christ destroy belief in Yeshua? When Apollyon possesses him he will be the most evil man in the world, 100 if not 1000 times worse that Hitler. Now if Anti-Christ is considered the Saviour, then I believe that watching the evil things he does will destroy any belief in goodness in the world and people will beg for a Saviour and because they do not know how to recognize Yeshua when He comes to their Spirit they will believe He does not exist. Also, because the true believers may be in captivity at the orders of Anti-Christ, this may further cause the people to believe that Yeshua does not exist because they cannot see Yeshua helping the true believers.

How does the Catholic Church help with satan’s plan? Simple. Put out false imagery of Yeshua, such as the images of Yeshua with the sun disc behind His head. Keep ALL references to true repentance away from their followers. And cause the people to believe in an entirely different way to get to the Kingdom of Heaven then what is stated in the Bible. This means that the people will never have any basis in true belief in Yeshua which means they will believe in the false Saviour because it is all they know. Which leads me back to the ceremony of Confirmation…

Throughout the ceremony, the bishop kept mentioning “the oil of salvation” Only during the Communion did he ever mention Yeshua shedding His blood, but it was never used in the context of Salvation. I believe that the bishop kept mentioning this to get the children to associate holy oil or holy water with Salvation, instead of Yeshua. That way, the children will never know about true repentance as they will never believe that that is the only way to come to know Yeshua and YHWH. I also believe that this is a way for the Church to cause the children to believe in the idea that there is more than one way to come to Father.

Just before Communion was given out, two women came forward to receive the chalices that would carry the Communion wafers. Both women were dressed identically in black dresses with white shawls around their shoulders. I believe that this is to do with the eastern philosophy of duality. The children are never taught about repentance, and are brainwashed into thinking that just choosing to be good and going to Church regularly will get them into the Kingdom. Father confirmed all of this to me after the ceremony when I was able to speak to Him when I was alone.

When the children were called to go up to the bishop to be confirmed and receive the Holy Spirit, which I believe after seeing all of the symbolic things I just mentioned is a false spirit, however, I do not know what the false spirit is as I just asked Father if it was His Spirit the bishop and priests were praying for and Father told me it wasn’t, my dream of the pope coming to my mom’s cafe and the children being called towards him played in my mind. I prayed for protection from evil for the children and also for a chance that they might repent of their sins and come to seek Yeshua.

It was not until the ceremony was over that Father told me that He had allowed me to be at the ceremony to witness the lies so that I could expose them. While I was waiting for my nephew to come out of the church, Father began telling me what my dream meant. However, I didn’t want to know if what I had just witnessed was the event I was warned about at that point as I was not alone, and I wanted to be alone before I asked Him. The following week I was talking to Father at night and I asked Him if my dream was somehow connected to what I had witnessed. He didn’t answer me straight away.

I am used to not receiving answers from Father immediately and so I waited until He did. The following morning He told me that the dream was a partial warning but mainly He was preparing me. When I asked Him what I was being prepared for, He asked me what was the thing that upset me the most about the dream. I told Him that Rusty abandoning me was the hardest thing to understand. When He asked me why, I told Him that I am prepared to lose my family and for them hating me, but I never thought I would lose Rusty.

Now, Father already knew the answers to my questions. He asked me so that I could understand what He was telling me. Whenever I ask Him about something to do with my life or an experience I go through He always asks me questions and I answer and when I begin to understand His motivations He tells me exactly why it happened. when Father explained the dream to me, I was not prepared for the answer, and it threw me. He told me that He was preparing me for the fact that I am alone in this world. Yes, I have family and friends, but when I look at my life in comparison to theirs, I realize that there is a gulf between us, and I cannot cross it to reach them because that would mean loving the world, and they cannot cross it to reach me because they cannot see the bridge to cross. Rusty represents the friendships I have built other than my relationship with Yeshua. While my friends love me now, there will come a time when they may be forced to push me aside.

Okay, after all that, what is the link between this post and the video? In the dream I warned the children not to go near the pope. The bishop who was confirming the children was dressed like the pope with the exception that his hat was golden instead of white. He called the children to him, and all the children had an adult sponsoring them that would push them towards the bishop. In my dream the parents pushed the children towards the pope. This post is my role in the dream. I have warned about the lies in the Catholic church. Does some of the children turning back from walking towards the pope mean that some of the children will reject the doctrine of the Catholic Church and repent of their sins and turn to Yeshua as I did? Are some of those children part of the Lost Sheep of Israel? I don’t know, only YHWH knows that and it is up to Him who He calls and who He chooses.

Thank you for reading this post. May YHWH bless you and keep you safe in this time.

Come out of her, my People Part 1

This is part 1 of a 2-part series in which I will be exposing the lies that we are told by the Roman Catholic Church. I will be exposing only what Father has brought to my attention. For the purpose of this series, I will be exposing the Confirmation ceremony, as that is a ceremony that I witnessed a few weeks ago. However, I will not go into the ceremony here, I will be exposing that in Part 2. The reason I am doing it in 2 parts is because Father has told me that I must release a dream that I received on the 7th of April, in which Father had warned me that there would be an incident involving members of my family which would happen in the near future first. He told me to do this for 2 reasons. 1st, so that you may understand why I feel such an urgency to do this, and 2nd, to complete the dream. You will understand what I mean by the 2nd reason at the end of my 2-part series.

Now for those of you who do not know, or if you have just come across this post and have not read my other posts, I have been receiving dreams from Father since July 2013. A small number of them are prophetic in nature and those I have uploaded to YouTube under my user name SeekingRepentance. The majority of my dreams, however, are simply personal warning dreams in which Father warns me in advance of an incident happening that I am unable to control or stop.

Update 29th September 2014: I have since closed my YouTube account. However I have written my dreams in the Dreams and Visions section of my blog with the exception of this dream which I disclose here, and will continue to post any new dreams there in the future.

This dream that I am going to explain in this post is one of those dreams. I normally do not disclose my personal warning dreams to the public, as they are for events that are specific to me and therefore, unless you know me and my journey with the Lord, you would not understand the dream. However, this dream, while the event I was warned about affected me and one other person whom I love very much, it also affected more than us and will continue to affect others until it is stopped, or those it will affect are taken out of harm’s way.

I am able to say this now, because Father told me that the event I was warned about has come to pass, however, my role in the dream is not yet completed. Before I explain the dream and interpret it for you, I would like to make something clear to you. My dreams are symbolic of an event that will occur in the future. What that means is, the characters and events described in my dreams may not happen as described, i.e. it will not literally take place.

Let me explain by referring to another dream which I uploaded to YouTube. This dream was titled My Second Prophetic Dream (not very original I know, but there it is) and in it I described an event including a spaceship that seemed to hypnotize my mother, and demons coming into my kitchen and attacking my family and friends during a New Year’s Eve Party, and when I say the demons attacked them, I mean they physically attacked them. Now this dream was a spiritual dream, meaning I was seeing this dream both with my physical eyes and my spiritual eyes.

I uploaded a video giving the interpretation of that dream and in it I said that this was symbolizing part of the Great Deception. At the time I believed, and I still do, that “aliens” which really are just Fallen Angels in disguise with the exception of the Greys which are creations of the Fallen Angels for the purpose of possession, will be part of this deception, how I am not sure yet, but I do believe that it will have something to do with the technology that the PTB are using: Blue Beam Technology, devices that give out massive amounts of heat that is greater than the heat your microwave emits, as well as HAARP, which can not only manipulate the weather, it can also project thoughts and voices into your head, and will be used in conjunction with Blue Beam Technology.

However, the dream is “symbolic” in nature. This means that the dream was symbolizing the Great Deception, but that it was not necessarily the Deception itself. Also, you must understand that YHWH and Yeshua work first and foremost in the Spirit, it just so happens that it spills over into the physical world as those who do not have eyes to see and ears to hear must see why they are facing destruction. After all, why do you think that there are so many who simply cannot see that we are in the last days or understand why we are preparing for the end and are trying to warn people about it.

Do you understand now what I mean by my dreams are symbolizing events in the future but are not necessarily the event itself? Now with that explained, I will go on to explain my dream. When I received the dream I had no inkling of what Father was warning me about, as whenever Father warns me about something, I don’t know what the event is, until the event takes place, which is when Father tells me this is what He warned me about. When I receive the dream I always ask Father for an interpretation, and the first thing He does is He tells me who is acting as my protector in the dream.

He does this to let me know that the event is under His control and He will not let any harm come to me. In my warning dreams there is always a threat of some kind raised against me, and either Father stops the person(s) from harming me, or my protector jumps between us and will not let them past. Again, this is to show that I do not need to fear any threat, and as frightened as I may be during the event, I must always trust that Yeshua and Father are always with me and that the trouble will pass.

In this dream, my protector was an Alsatian, and the threat was from the pope, one of his cardinals, and the armed guards protecting them. While it was the armed guards that physically threatened me, the Pope was controlling them and they threatened me when my actions threatened the pope. In my dream the armed guards were trying to either kill me, or cause me serious injury, and the Alsatian pushed them back. To date, the protectors in my dreams have been Father, my guardian angel and the Alsatian, while those threatening me have been humans and demons. Father stops the demons, while my protector keeps the humans away from me.

From here on out I will be explaining the dream so if you wish you can read the dream now, and continue on reading the interpretation after or you can read it at the end. I place it in this part of the post to show you that I am now concentrating solely on my dream.

Dream received 7th April 2014

The dream takes place at night. I’m home alone and I’m clearing up after dinner and watching the 9pm news on the TV in the dining room as I work. There is a news report on the TV. The reporter is the religious correspondent. He is talking about the newly elected pope. I’m not sure of the details as they are not given, but from what I could gather from the report, Pope Francis is no longer pope and another pope has been elected. I don’t know what this pope’s name is as I didn’t catch it. This pope has only recently been elected and in an unprecedented step he is flying around the world to every country in a bid for unity and an end to war.

I know full well what is really going on, but I am disconcerted as to why Pope Francis has gone. Either way, I am distinctly aware that something is wrong. My dad phones me on his way home from work and asks if everything is ready in the cafe where my mom works. I tell him that mom is still over there so it must not be. I say goodbye and hang up. I look out the window and see a small crowd gathering outside the cafe across the road from our house. I realize that someone must be coming to the cafe. I wonder why I wasn’t told, but I am not too concerned.

I figure that if I was needed I would have been told. I go on with my work, checking out the window in case the crowd gets much bigger and mom may need my help. When I have finished clearing up, I switch off the TV and keep an eye out the window to see who is coming. I see people standing around and talking, drinking and eating little snacks that my mom brings out of the cafe. Children are running around their parents and laughing with other children. Nobody seems to be paying them much attention. Some of the children stop and point to the sky.

I look up but I can’t see anything but I can hear the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. I decide that I will go outside to watch the helicopter land and see who is in it. While I have no interest in what is happening, I am curious as to who is getting such attention. I open the back door and I am greeted by two dogs. One is Rusty our Jack Russell terrier. He looks at me, wags his tail, and sets off exploring the yard. The second dog is a dog I have never seen before. It is a short-haired Alsatian. He (I assume that all dogs are he as I don’t consider it polite, or safe to get close enough to find out) sat in front of the door step and looked at me.

I normally get a little concerned at big stray dogs, but this dog was extremely calm and had a peaceful presence about him. What was most unusual was that Rusty was ignoring him. Rusty hates other dogs and loves nothing more than starting fights. Occasionally Rusty and the Alsatian would look at each other, but the Alsatian was very placid, almost passive towards Rusty, and Rusty didn’t seem too bothered about this arrival. I decided that I would worry about this dog later, and tried to leave the house. The Alsatian got up and walked to the door turning so that his body was blocking my exit. I tried to move him, but he wouldn’t budge and would growl at me.

However, this growl wasn’t a threatening growl, it was more like a warning growl that dogs give off when owners are in danger. I realized that the dog was trying to tell me that it wasn’t safe to leave. So I stayed inside and watched the helicopter come over the trees. The helicopter was jet black. Only for the floodlight coming on outside the house, I wouldn’t have been able to see it. It was a small helicopter, as in it wasn’t a big military helicopter. It was flying very fast however. Just as the helicopter was landing at the cafe, a group of riders on motorcycles emerged driving through the crossroads that surrounded our village.

They were all black motorcycles, but they had a futuristic look to them, almost like they were hovering on the ground instead of going on two wheels. The riders were dressed in black Kevlar body suits. Their helmets covered their whole head, but didn’t look like normal helmets. They were like the Robocop helmet except it covered the whole head, the face couldn’t be seen at all. The motorcycles stopped outside the cafe and the riders got off and stood around the crowd at the corners of the premises. There were two to three riders at each corner.

The helicopter landed just beside the cafe where we used to have a gazebo, but it had been removed to make room for the helicopter. One of the doors opened and a Cardinal stepped out. This Cardinal was dressed completely in black, as well as the headpiece, with a red ribbon around his middle. He turned towards the helicopter and with the help of the pilot he lowered a wheelchair to the ground. Inside the wheelchair was the pope. The pope looked a little like Pope John Paul II, he had the same friendly smile, except I knew better.

As soon as I saw the pope, I knew what was happening, and that these people had gathered to meet him. I was very sad as I realized that my mother was somehow involved with the pope being here. I wanted to get to the cafe and try to stop the gathering from taking place, if possible. The Alsatian had been watching the proceedings calmly while blocking my exit. He sat down beside the door and I knew that he was letting me leave. Rusty had already run over to the cafe to sniff at the feet of the riders, Cardinal and pope.

I set off on a run and heard the sound of paws hitting the gravel. I looked down and saw the Alsatian was running with me, even keeping pace with me. As I approached the cafe I saw that the pope’s appearance was changing. His eyes were sinking into his face and for a second his appearance seemed to take on the appearance of Pope Benedict. However, his appearance changed again and his face seemed to get longer and the skin around his eyes and mouth seemed to stretch even more, like someone was pulling at the skin as if to remove it.

Then as quickly as it started, it snapped back to normal and the pope looked like himself again. Nobody seemed alarmed at this, and I realized that they hadn’t seen the change. I also realized that it had taken place too quickly for the human eye to see, but for that brief moment, time seemed to slow down and I could see it clearly, before time went back to normal. Again, like in my other dreams I was aware of the change happening when others weren’t. The riders saw me coming (their heads were facing my direction, they never removed their helmets so I have to assume that they saw me) but made no move to stop me.

The Cardinal and pope were watching me as I approached but I wasn’t worried about it. Looking back now, I understood that the reason I was calm even though I was surrounded by these people who were obviously evil was because I knew that they couldn’t hurt me, not really. They could hurt my body, but they couldn’t touch ME, as I was not connected to my flesh but to the Spirit that resides in me, and that they could never touch. Anyways, I started to run around the people trying to tell them that the pope was the False Prophet and that he couldn’t be trusted and that we were all in grave danger from him.

Nobody listened to me and none of the riders made a move towards me. I felt in my spirit that it was no use as the people were completely brainwashed and enslaved and were unable to wake up, and that was why the riders were not approaching me. They knew I was unable to do anything. The Alsatian was with me and had stuck close to me. He was even able to squeeze between two people in order to stay by my side. I was frustrated, but not disheartened as I had now come to accept that not everyone will be able to wake up as their hearts and minds are completely enslaved by satan.

I sat on a window ledge and watched the people, while also keeping an eye on the riders in case they tried to hurt anyone. The Alsatian lay down at my feet, but his ears were twitching and his eyes were moving around signalling that he was staying alert too. My mom was in and out of the cafe serving food. While she seemed happy to see me, I knew she was not happy with my behavior and my reasons for being there. You see, my mother loves me as much as any mother can love her child, but she cannot accept change and she cannot accept the change that is taking place inside me.

She loves me, but she is afraid of what is happening to me, and that fear sometimes overrides her love for me, which is painful for me, but understandable. The pope up until now had been talking quietly to the Cardinal, but now he started calling to see the children. The parents started to push their children towards the pope. I was greatly alarmed at this and I stood on the window ledge and started yelling for the children to stop and come back. All of the children stopped and looked at me. Some of them turned immediately and went back to their parents.

Others seemed unsure, and when pushed by their parents stood between the pope and their parents going nowhere. Others continued to the pope and held hands with him. All of the children that didn’t approach the pope were being persuaded by their parents to keep going. Some of these children refused and returned to their parents, however, the others banded together and walked away from both their parents and the pope and stood off to the side. At this point, the adults, including my mother, and the riders turned on me in a bid to shut me up.

The riders reached for weapons behind their backs and at once the Alsatian leaped up and moved between me and the riders growling threateningly. His head was down and his hackles were raised. I should also point out that Rusty seemed oblivious to all this and was happily sitting beside the pope looking on. Two of the riders moved towards me with guns and tasers, but the Alsatian moved towards them and barked and growled. The riders backed off and instantly the pope called them away. They got back on their motorcycles and sped off. The Cardinal and the pilot helped the pope back on the helicopter.

The children who had held hands with the pope were looking at the other children and seemed to be in a daze. The helicopter took off and everybody seemed confused as to what just happened. I suddenly felt very tired and I needed to rest, but I couldn’t seem to make myself go home. I felt a light tugging on my top and looked down to see the Alsatian gently pull me towards home. I put my hand on his back and caught hold of his fur. He started to walk and I found that I was able to walk after him. He was lending me his strength so I could make it home safe.
End of dream


In my dreams, I usually act as either an observer, and/or a protector of someone else. In this dream I was both. I was observing what the pope, his cardinal and the armed guards were doing for most of the dream. It was not until the end that my role as protector started. Just to be aware of something, the person(s) who threaten me, use physical weapons. I do not. My weapons are prayers and my voice. In this dream, I simply shouted a warning to the children I was protecting.

The children were in danger from the pope, and their parents were not protecting them from him. This is very important, and unless you understand this, you will have a hard time understanding part 2 of my series. The children do not see the pope as a threat because their parents do not see him as one. It was not until I warned them that SOME of the children realized the danger. Again understand this, NONE of the parents listened to me, but some of the children did.

Father made this very clear to me. The parents in my dream were completely indoctrinated into the way of the world. They cannot think or act outside of the norm. The children stood a chance because they were not yet fully indoctrinated, BUT some of them were, because they trusted their parents completely, meaning they trust society’s teachings towards them. The children symbolize the people in the world, while the parents symbolize society. The parents were pushing the children towards the pope because society at large accepts the pope as someone to listen to.

The children represent the people. To be precise they represent 3 types of people: those who are completely indoctrinated by the world’s thinking and way of living, those who are confused and seeking answers, and those who are out of the world’s thinking and are faithful and obedient to YHWH. The children who are indoctrinated are holding hands with the pope. The children who are standing between the pope and their parents are confused and are looking for answers, while the children who have banded together and have walked away represent the faithful and obedient followers of Yeshua and YHWH.

Thank you for reading this post. Part 2 will be published in the next few days. If you have any questions or comments, please leave me a comment or if you don’t want to leave a public comment and wish to talk privately, you can get in contact at the Talk to Me page on my blog.

May YHWH bless you and keep you safe in this time.

Cathy O’Brien: MK Ultra Monarch Mind Control Survivor

As you may have seen on my Fallen Angels page under the Videos section, I shared a video about Monarch Mind Control with an explanation of what Monarch Mind Control is. Here is a video of Cathy O’Brien giving you her story of being a Monarch Slave. Now there are a few things I want to point out to you about this video.

First of all: please be aware that there is graphic content in this video. Also know this, Cathy names many prominent politicians and ex-presidents as being involved with criminals and being involved with her programming. If you are not already aware of just how deep in the political arena this goes, this video WILL shock you. So, I am warning you now, if you have just stumbled across this video and you have not heard of, or done any adequate research into, Monarch Mind Control, and/or the evil that has taken over the governments of our world, please do so before watching this video, or else watch with caution.

Secondly, I believe that Cathy is still under control. If you watch her video, you will see that she describes many horrific details that are as shocking as they are disturbing, and she does not show ANY emotion WHATSOEVER. She describes how her daughter is still being held by her controllers, and other horrific ways in which her daughter has been treated and again, she shows no emotion. I am not trying to say that she is lying, there is much truth in what she is saying, but again, if you have researched Monarch Mind Control, you will know that there is an added layer of programming known as Gamma, in which Slaves are programmed to disclose information to confuse and distract the masses, also known as disinformation. This information is usually truth mixed in with lies. Now, an alter would be doing this as the alter would be triggered to carry out this particular operation. If you watch the video, she tells you that she carried out operations without any ability to think or act for herself. Would that also control her emotions?

Thirdly, as I watched this video, the only time I saw her exhibit any true emotion was when she mentioned her husband Mark. Now, from my research, I have learned that Slaves both love and hate their handlers. If I am right in my second point, and Cathy is still under control, it means that Mark was specifically chosen to “rescue” her and became her new handler, which means he is the one triggering the Gamma level of programming, which is causing her to disclose the information.

Please, be aware that I am only giving you my thoughts upon watching this video. I share this video because it gives you greater detail of what Monarch Slaves go through during programming. But, I would also advise you to watch this video with caution. Do not believe everything you read and see. Take what truth you can from it, and leave the rest. Always, keep in mind what you know about Monarch Mind Control, and apply it to this video and any other survivor videos. Then you may be able to discern what is true and what is false.

May YHWH bless you and keep you safe in this time.

What Would Sisi’s Presidency Look Like?

In his first televised interview as a presidential candidate, former military leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi vowed that the Muslim Brotherhood would not exist under his presidency and delivered a glimpse of how he envisioned his tenure. The reactions were mixed: His supporters cheered for him as a statesman with a firm hand, which, in their view, the country needs to restore law, order and security; his opponents saw in his talk chilling evidence of an oppressive style of someone who has spent all his adult life giving orders and expecting them to be obeyed, no matter what.


The interview lasted for five hours and was split into two episodes, broadcast May 5-6. The interview was recorded several days before, meaning the content was edited. Both hosts, Ibrahim Eissa and Lamees al-Hadidi, and the two channels they represent, are strong supporters of Sisi.

Sisi cited the grave dangers facing the country and the millions of Egyptians who could suffer if the state collapses as the main reasons behind his presidential run, contrary to an earlier announcement that he would not run. In the first part of the interview, Sisi showed a great sense of urgency in current and future challenges facing Egypt, as well as determination to overcome these difficulties.

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Turkey-Armenia Ties Unlikely to Improve

Can Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s “April 24 gesture” [when he offered condolences to the grandchildren of Ottoman Armenians killed in 1915] lead to the normalization of ruptured ties with Armenia? Erdogan’s statement was met favorably by many countries, above all by the United States, but received negative reactions in the Armenian world. In the Armenian diaspora, it was criticized for not using the word “genocide,” while in Yerevan it was found insufficient.

Although Armenia shares the sensitivity of the diaspora on genocide, as a state its approach to Turkey is different. For Yerevan, establishing diplomatic ties with Turkey, to open the borders and develop commercial and economic relations, has priority. The two 2009 Zurich accords already indicated the priorities of Yerevan. There, Turkey and Armenia had agreed on steps to be taken to normalize relations and decided to form a joint history commission to investigate the genocide claims.

If it were not for other barriers that emerged later on, with these two protocols the relations between two neighboring countries could have been much different today.

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