Seduction is a form of Hypnotism

Hi guys! Thinking about it now, this post really should be read before we go into Monarch Mind Control, so for that reason, I will link it to Part 1 of the series. The reason is quite simple. This post in a nutshell, is basically everything I have learned about how satan, through the Elite and the industries under the Elite’s control is slowly over time seducing into accepting him and his demons into your lives, and inevitably gaining complete control over your soul. I am not exaggerating when I say that this information if acted on correctly CAN save your life. I have said this before and I will say it again. There is a war going on RIGHT NOW and it is a war between the forces of YHWH and the forces of Satan. This war has been waging since the beginning of this world and the prize has always been the same: EACH AND EVERY SOUL!

YHWH wants to save you and bring you to the Kingdom with Him at the end of the world. But satan wants to kill you and take your soul with him to the Lake of Fire to burn for all eternity. And believe me when I say this, no matter how much of a hell you think you live in now, it is NOTHING compared to the Hell you will be subjected to should Satan steal your soul. I do not know what Hell is like, but if it is as bad as what I endured for years at the hands of an Incubus, then I NEVER want to go there. And if any of you have been subjected to attacks and torture due to demons attaching themselves to you, you may agree as well.

What I want to talk to you about in this post is sin. More to the point, how Satan gets you to sin the VERY first time. You don’t realize it, but pretty much everything you see on TV, read in a book and watch in the movie theater has been engineered with only one reason. To get you to live the life Satan wants you to live, because if you live Satan’s way, you are allowing the demons access to you. There is only one way to stop these demons from getting access to you. And that is by turning to Yeshua. You don’t stand a chance against these demons on your own. They are too clever and now that Satan through the Elite has complete control over our world, they are opening more and more avenues for these demons to get to you. Only Yeshua and YHWH can stop them, and only Yeshua and YHWH can keep you safe from them.

Please, don’t fall for the idea that those who are awake and don’t belong to Yeshua are safe because they can “see” what’s going on. YHWH allows them to see, but without Him, they will not understand fully what is really going on, and they will only have what “truth” is already out there. Make no mistake, almost all whistle blowers are working for or with the Elite and expose what they are told to expose. Even the entertainment industry stars that are exposing the political system are working for them. And let me ask you something. Have you ever noticed that these stars only ever focus on one thing, like for example, Russell Brand is constantly trying to get the public to boycott voting and boycott government, Charlie Sheen is trying to expose 9/11 and the government’s role in it? The reality is that these little bits of exposing are fed to you a little at a time in order to make you latch onto one thing and run with it. But look, I could get into that another day with another post. The point is, this is the kind of information these people who are awake without Yeshua can find. They can’t see behind what’s in front of them. They can’t dig deeper because they are unable to cope with what they find

Those of us who have Yeshua are led by Him. We can see behind the lies that are peddled on a daily basis because He gives us the spiritual eyes to do so, and He helps us understand what we find. This post is the result of Yeshua helping me fully understand how I was subjected to years of torment by that Incubus I mentioned earlier, and also how Satan’s seduction techniques are being used on the masses all the time. I have learned a lot of things since I started my walk, but THIS is the most important, because it explains how satan has gotten away with it, and nobody realizes just how much damage he has done and will continue to do.

Now, before I explain exactly how this is being done, and I won’t go into it all, because I have just come to understand this myself, and I need time to process everything, so for now I will just give you what I have processed and can see happening all the time, let me explain how the Elite are gaining so much power over you. The Kabbalists who follow Satanic beliefs and carry out satanic rituals (these rituals will be explained in the Monarch Mind Control series so I won’t go into too much detail here) believe that they can access the greatest power known to man by harnessing the energy given off during sex with young boys. This energy is known as sexual energy, and believe it or not, it is the strongest energy your body emits. Sexual energy is even stronger than energy emitted when you are happy.

Now the reason the Kabbalists believe it is from sex with young boys that releases this energy is because boys mature sexually faster than girls, and therefore they believe that the energy is strongest in boys. Now by mature sexually, I don’t mean that boys know more about sex than girls, I mean they hit puberty faster. However, if you have done any research into these people, you will know that the Elite always practice pedophilia whether with boys or girls. And I think that it serves Satan’s purpose to have them abuse young boys because they are committing the sin of homosexual sex, and therefore because they are so blindly deceived by satan that they believe they do not need to repent, they will never get to the Kingdom and Satan has their souls now.

Now, here is the thing, and you may already have figured it out, but I’ll tell you anyway. Sexual energy is given off during any sexual act. It is even given off if you want to have sex with someone. Now, this is where it gets complicated so bear with me here. What is the objective of sex? Now call me naive or innocent, but I believe the objective of sex is, or at least should be, about giving and receiving pleasure. And sin is the same. What I mean by that is, Satan will wrap up the sin in a nice little package so that you won’t recognize it is sin and before you know it you’re caught in a trap because you will think you are not doing any harm to anyone, when in reality you are doing untold damage to yourself.

Now, before you have sex with someone, what happens? If you decide you want to have sex someone, or someone decides he/she wants to have sex with you, what do you, or he/she, do? You seduce the other person, and vice versa, right? Well, guess what. Satan seduces you into sinning all the time. That is why it is called temptation. Let me tell you how I came to this conclusion. It was just after the events I described in my “Psalm 51” post, and I was lying in bed and asking myself why I allowed myself to sin at all. And then out of curiosity, I asked Father how sin ever started at all. Within minutes, I received two little words in my heart. “Bad boys”

I though, what? What does bad boys have to do with sin? I was very confused but I figured that Father would elaborate later so I just waited. And the next day, when I wasn’t really thinking about our conversation, Father spoke again. “Remember what I told you about bad boys?” And it clicked with me. Father had asked me to write a little note on Facebook, before He pushed me to start this blog, about bad boys. I wrote it as a letter to any man who came across it. I’ll make a post of the letter after so you can read it for yourself.

In this letter I described the difference between the bad boys and the good guys. But, I still didn’t understand what it had to do with sin. Until I remembered what I wrote in the beginning of the note. I wrote about how we were “programmed” by the Elite to only want and go after what is bad for us.

And as I was thinking about this, I began to see just how seduction between couples is very much like hypnotism, in that the seduction technique is forming a suggestion in your mind, just like hypnotism, and you find yourself, just like hypnotism, doing something you hadn’t ever planned on doing.

Let me explain. When a man or woman is seducing someone, his/her entire behaviour changes. There might be candles lit in the bedroom, a romantic dinner will be cooked, wine may be drank. The idea of all of this is to create an atmosphere of romance. The idea being, the object of his/her affection is going to be easier to seduce because they are affected by the atmosphere. A suggestion is being laid here without the other person realizing it.

On top of that, his/her voice may take on a different tone. He/she may be a bit more flirtatious than normal. He/she may touch the other person a bit more, maintain eye contact more. All of this may make you susceptible to the suggestion. Whether or not the person doing the seducing or the person being seduced realizes it, the seduction technique is a form of hypnotism, because the suggestion the behaviour and atmosphere is all adding to the suggestion that the person being seduced WANTS to have sex with the seducer. And that person may not have even thought of sex before then.

Well, Satan and the Elite are using the entertainment industry to seduce us into the kind of life he wants us to live. It’s all done the exact same way. The music is used to set the atmosphere. The plot line of the TV show or movie is filled with just enough moral integrity to make you believe that the show is OK, but the reality is, the morals of the show are those of the people who created the show, they just tweak the story enough for you to think that they are good morals.

What you don’t realize is, you have been conditioned, and seduced/hypnotized into living your life Satan’s way. He is so clever in that he has gotten you to believe that YOU are making the choice, when all along you are just following what you have been taught through entertainment. So now that you know that your choices aren’t really your own what are you going to do about it?

Well you have two choices. Either look deep in your heart, realize the sins you have committed and genuinely repent of them and receive forgiveness and salvation, or do nothing because you like your life just the way it is. The choice is yours. But just remember this: EVERY CHOICE YOU MAKE HAS CONSEQUENCES WHETHER IT IS GOOD OR BAD. For more on that please see my “Witchcraft” post.

Thank you for reading. May YHWH bless you and keep you safe in this time.








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