Satanic/Systematic Ritual Abuse Part 2: Intentional Programming

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written here outside of quoted material is my own understanding of the subject matter presented. I ask that you also do your own research. And, please, feel free to correct me on any errors regarding the subject matter you see. While I am referring to Svali’s work in this series, please understand that I am not fully endorsing her, only some aspects of the programming she writes about.

Before I start, I wish to make a correction.  I stated in my previous article that MK-ULTRA and Monarch Mind Control are two different forms of programming.  After further research into Monarch Mind Control I realise that in fact it is a continuation of MK-ULTRA and is in fact a sub-project of MK-ULTRA.  So, I apologise for my mistake.

Today, I will focus on intentional programming.  I wish to warn you that you will read about triggers and details of abuse and torture which may trigger survivors of SRA.  Please, if you are a survivor, do not read this alone.  For everybody else, please be aware that this makes for very distressing reading.  I would not recommend reading it at night as it may disturb your sleep.

Let us continue on.  I will be quoting Svali quite a lot in this post.  Please understand one very important thing.  Many articles talking about SRA focus on adults being abused, perhaps because it is easier to handle than the truth.  The very disturbing and distressing fact is that the members of the Illuminati that are extremely and intensely tortured on a constant basis are CHILDREN.  Svali’s book “Break the Chain: Breaking free of cult programming” details the programming/torture that children undergo from inside the womb, right up to the age of 14.  The fragmentation that shatters a mind controlled and/or ritual abuse victims mind is done in childhood up to the early teens.  Any programming done in adulthood are “tune-ups” or reinforcement.  The really intense programming has already been completed by the time the individual is 14 years of age.

“Intentional programming of an infant in the Illuminati often begins before birth. Prenatal splitting is well known in the cult, as the fetus is very capable of fragmenting in the womb due to trauma. This is usually done between the seventh and ninth month of pregnancy. Techniques used include: placing headphones on the mother’s abdomen, and playing loud, discordant music (such as some modern classical pieces, or even Wagner’s operas). Loud, heavy rock has also been used. Other methods include having the mother ingest quantities of bitter substances, to make the amniotic fluid bitter, or yelling at the fetus inside the womb. The mother’s abdomen may be hit as well. Mild shock to the abdomen may be applied, especially when term is near, and may be used to cause premature labor, or ensure that the infant is born on a ceremonial holiday. Certain labor inducing drugs may be also given if a certain birth date is desired.

Once the infant is born, testing is begun at a very early age, usually during the first few weeks of life. The trainers, who are taught to look for certain qualities in the infant, will place it on a velvet cloth on a table, and check its reflexes to different stimuli. The infant’s strength, how it reacts to heat, cold, and pain are all tested. Different infants react differently, and the trainers are looking for dissociative ability, quick reflexes, and reaction times. They are also encouraging early dissociation in the infant with these tests.

The infant will also be abused, to create fragments. Methods of abuse can include: rectal probes; digital anal rape; electric shocks at low levels to the fingers, toes, and genitalia; cutting the genitalia in ritual circumstances (in older infants). The intent is to begin fragmentation before a true ego state develops, and customize the infant to pain and reflexive dissociation from pain (yes, even tiny infants dissociate; I have seen it time and time again; they will glow blank and limp, or glassy, in the face of continued trauma.)

Isolation and abandonment programming will sometimes be begun as well, in a rudimentary sense. The infant is abandoned, or uncared for by adults, intentionally during the daytime, then picked up, soothed, cleaned up and paid attention to in the context of preparing for a ritual or group gathering. This is done in order to help the infant associate night gatherings with “love” and attention, and to help the bonding process to the cult, or “family”. The infant will be taught to associate maternal attention with going to rituals, and eventually will associate cult gatherings with feelings of security.” (“Break the Chain: Breaking free of cult programming”, written by Svali, Pages 10-11)

As the child reaches 15 to 16 months more fragmenting will be caused intentionally by the parents and other cult members by abusing him/her more frequently and methodically.  The abuse will include the methods listed above, as well as dropping the child from a certain height onto a mat and laughing as he/she cries from shock and fear.  Between 20 and 24 months the child will be taught the 12 steps of discipline.  The age at which this teaching starts varies from group to group.

For length purposes, I will only focus on the first five steps.  For all 12 steps please refer to Svali’s book, the link for the book is provided in the Update: Monarch Mind Control post.

  1. To not need

The toddler is placed in a room with no windows and white, beige or grey walls.  This room will be used for other training exercises as the child gets older.  The child is left alone in the room for hours in the beginning and as the child gets older, he/she will be left in the room for a whole day.  If the child begs the adult not to leave or screams while left alone, he/she will be beaten and told they will be left in there for longer periods of time until they stop being weak.  This will continue until the child stays quietly in the room until the trainer comes back.  By this time the child will be catatonic with fear.  The trainer will “rescue” the child, comforting him/her, while instilling that the child needs his/her family (the group he/she lives in) as well as cult teachings.  The purpose of the training is to make the child learn to depend on his/her own internal strength, but in reality the child forms an intense fear of abandonment and learns that the only source of comfort and security comes from the family.

2. To not want

“This step is very similar to the first step, and actually reinforces it. It will be done intermittently with the first step over the next few years of the child’s life. Again, the child is left alone in a training room, or isolated room, without food or water for a long period of time. An adult will enter the room, with a large pitcher of ice water, or food. If the child asks for either, as the adult is eating or drinking in front of the child, he/she is severely punished for being weak and needy. This step is reinforced, until the child learns not to ask for food or water unless it is offered first. The ostensible reason the cult gives for this step is that it creates a child who is strong, and can go without food and water for longer and longer periods of time. The real reason this is done is that it creates a child who is completely dissociated from its own needs for food, water, or other comforts, who becomes afraid to ask outside adults for help. This creates in the child a hyper-vigilance as she/he learns to look for outside adults for cues on when it is okay to fulfill needs, and not to trust her/his own body signals. The child is already learning to look outside itself to others to learn how it should think or feel, instead of trusting its own feelings. The cult now becomes the locus of control for the child.” (“Break the Chain: Breaking free of cult programming”, written by Svali, Page 11)

3. To not wish

“The child is placed in a room with favorite toys, or objects. A kind adult comes into the room and engages the child in play. This adult my be a friend, aunt, parent, or trainer. The child and adult may engage in fantasy play about the child’s secret wishes, dreams, or wants. This will occur on several occasions, and the child’s trust is slowly gained. At some later point, the child is severely punished for any aspect of wishing or fantasy shared with the adult, including the destruction of favorite toys, going in and undoing or destroying secret safe places the child may have created, or even destroying non cult protectors. This step is repeated, with variations, many times over the ensuing years. Occasionally, the child’s siblings, parents, or friends will be used to reveal inside fantasies the child has revealed to them during the daytime, or in unguarded moments. The ostensible reason the cult gives for this step is to create a child who doesn’t fantasize, who is more outwardly directed, less inwardly directed. In other words, the child is to look to adults for permission in all aspects of its life, including internal. The reality is that this step destroys all safe places the child has created internally, to retreat from the horrors it is experiencing. This step creates in the child the feeling that there is no true safety, that the cult will find out everything it thinks. Exercises like this are also used to create young alters in the child who will self report to the cult trainers any secret safe places, or covert wishes against the cult, that other alters have. This will then begin to set up intersystem hostility and divisiveness, which the cult will manipulate throughout the person’s life span in order to control them.”(“Break the Chain: Breaking free of cult programming”, written by Svali, Page 12)

4. The survival of the fittest

“This step is used in order to begin creating perpetrator alters in the young child. ALL CULT MEMBERS WILL BE EXPECTED TO BECOME PERPETRATORS; THIS BEGINS IN EARLY CHILDHOOD. The child is brought into a room where there is a trainer and another child of approximately the same age, or slightly younger, that the child being taught. The child is severely beaten, for a long period of time, by the trainer, then told to hit the other child in the room, or they will be beaten further. If the child refuses, it is punished severely, the other child is punished as well, then the child is told to punish the other child. If the child continues to refuse, or cries, or tries to hit the trainer instead, they will continue to be beaten severely, and told to hit the other child, to direct its anger at the other child. This step is repeated until the child finally complies. This step is begun around age 2 to 2 1/2, and is used to create aggressive perpetrator alters in the young child. As the child becomes older, the punishing tasks become more and more brutal. Children are expected to become perpetrators of others at very young ages, and will “practice” on children younger than themselves, with the encouragement and rewarding by the adults around them. They will also be mimicking these adults, who role model perpetration constantly as normal. The child will be taught that this is the acceptable outlet for the aggressive impulses and rage that are created by the brutality the child is constantly being exposed to.” (“Break the Chain: Breaking free of cult programming”, written by Svali, Page 12)

5. The code of silence

Many ways of teaching the child this begin when the child is 2 years old, when the child becomes more verbal.  After a ritual or gathering, the child is asked what they saw or heard, and the child obeys and answers.  The child is immediately severely beaten and a new alter is created from the fragmentation from reality that is ordered to guard the memories of what the child saw, or else it will be killed.  The alters will agree to this.  The child and the alter undergo a ceremony where they swear to never tell of what they see at gatherings and rituals and alters are created to kill the body (the programmed individual) should any alters remember. The alters are lied to and told that they will be saved and will not be killed as long as they do their jobs.  They do not know that if the body dies, so do they.

The child is also psychologically tortured to ensure silence.  He/she may be buried alive, almost drowned, or be buried with a corpse and told he/she will be a corpse if he/she ever tells.  There are many other twisted and cruel scenarios used to ensure the child’s silence.  This is why the Illuminati has survived so long.  The members are programmed to never tell as children and the programming is reinforced in adulthood.

Those are the first five steps of discipline.  It didn’t make for easy reading did it?  Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any better as we go on.  If you didn’t like this post, I recommend you read something else.  I won’t sugarcoat it.  This happens to this day and as the Apostle Paul says:

Ephesians 5:11-14: (11) And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.  (12) For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret.  (13) But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light. (14) Therefore He says: “ Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you light.”

That is why I write this series.  To expose the unfruitful works of darkness.  However, please understand that it is the highest levels of this group that are truly evil.  The lower levels are deceived.  I will explain more about this in the next post.  And, while I am exposing their dark deeds, I am by no means encouraging that you hate them.  Hate what they do, but do not hate them.

Thank you for reading.  May Abba bless you and keep you safe.

Satanic/Systematic Ritual Abuse Part 1: MK-ULTRA and James Bond movies

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written here outside of quoted material is my own understanding of the subject matter presented.  I ask that you also do your own research.  And, please, feel free to correct me on any errors regarding the subject matter you see.  While I am referring to Svali’s work in this series, please understand that I am not fully endorsing her, only some aspects of the programming she writes about.

As you read in my previous post, this is the reworked Monarch Mind Control Series.  I am now calling it Satanic/Systematic Ritual Abuse or SRA because after spending a few days poring over Svali’s articles and book about the Illuminati and SRA I have realised that we are not getting the full story of the programming and abuse that the Illuminati members go through throughout their lifetimes online.  Yes Fritz Springmeyer has written a book about the subject, but it is very clinical and cold and reads like a how-to manual rather than an expose.  And when researching for videos and articles on programming and mind control I was led back to MK-ULTRA and Monarch Mind Control.  After studying Svali’s testimony I now believe that MK-ULTRA and Monarch Mind Control are different methods of mind control and programming and are facets in the overall umbrella of SRA.

Now, I stated in my previous post that I would re-blog parts of Svali’s book.  But to avoid breaching copyright laws, I will paraphrase her words as best I can and quote her at times.  I have realised just how many programming triggers there are around us that we don’t know about or notice and I wanted to share that with you, as well as show you how we are also seeing specific jobs carried out by these individuals dramatised on TV.  To us it may seem like entertainment, but in reality it is reinforcing and triggering the programming on those who have undergone the training for these roles.

Today, I wish to share with you what I have learned about MK-ULTRA.  As the title suggests, there is a link that I have observed between those who undergo MK-ULTRA programming and the James Bond movies.  Hopefully, it will become clear to you as we go on.

In short MK-ULTRA is a form of assassination programming.  Having compared Svali’s book with other information online about MK-ULTRA I am of the opinion that MK-ULTRA and CIA programming are one and the same.  Allow me to explain CIA programming.

“Some systems will have internal CIA programming. Some of the methods mentioned in earlier chapters, such as brain wave programming and color coding were developed in part through funding by the CIA in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Military intelligence officers working in Langley, Virginia, used these government funds to conduct research on human subjects. They reported what they were learning to trainers throughout the U.S. and Europe.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking free of cult programming”, written by Svali, Page 20)

An individual trained in CIA programming will have an alter trained to finding and studying a target without detection.  In most cases, he/she will be trained to lure the target into bed, and/or assassinate the target.  The programming is complex and put in over many years, and reinforced periodically throughout his/her lifetime.  Alters have hyper-awareness and can even hear whispered conversations.

He/she will be trained from early childhood to detect and ditch anybody following them.  It is built upon as the child gets older and reinforced in adulthood.

“They will be shown training films of how a CIA operative works. They will be told that they are “special”, “chosen”, “one in a thousand” who is the only one who can do this special work. They are told that they get to be a secret agent for the CIA. The young child, having no idea who the CIA is, focuses on the fact that they have been chosen because they are special, needed, and will be eager to please. The child will be taken to a dinner party, or a drama set up by the trainer. There will be a group, anywhere from ten to sixteen people at the “party”. Afterwards, the child will be questioned by the trainer extensively. Who was sitting where? What were they wearing? What color were their eyes? Their hair? Who gave the speech? What did they say? The child will be praised for correct answers, but punished, shocked if unable to recall details. This is to reinforce natural photographic memory, and assist the child with recording details. The next few times, the child’s abilities will improve, as it wants to avoid punishment.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking free of cult programming”, written by Svali, Page 20)

The child is taught to observe who is the most important person in the room and figure out why they are so important.  When assigned the target, and if the target is to be assassinated, the individual will do so while the target sleeps or is relaxing after sexual relations.

He/she will be taught to disguise themselves with change of clothing, masquerading as the opposite sex, makeup, etc.  In case they are ever caught, they will be given extensive training and undergo hypnosis to be taught how to overcome interrogation techniques.  In the case that they are arrested, they will also be taught to commit suicide either by cyanide pill or using a dagger on themselves.

That is CIA programming.  Now, some of you may be familiar with the James Bond movies and may be seeing a similar thread running through the movies.  Others may not be familiar or may not notice this thread.  Not to worry, I will take you through it.  Put simply, in every James Bond movie, James identifies a woman that he targets with the aim of seducing her, generally for the information she has, or to get close to his true target.  If it is the latter, while she is asleep or distracted and relaxing after sex with James, James looks for information on his designated target.  In some of the movies, this target is killed by James or as a result of James setting an event in motion.  Now, read this last paragraph again, and read the information on CIA programming.  Do you see the similarities?  James is acting just as a CIA programmed individual would act on assignment.

Can you see how seeing James act as the alters do reinforces the programming in the individual?  James is modelling the job they are required to do.  There may even be triggers embedded into the movie, but I have not studied the movies enough to look out for them.  One other thing.  James Bond is MI5.  A British intelligence agency.  The CIA is based in America.  Simplistic, I know.  But can you see how this programming is being used in other countries and organisations?  It is across the board.

Remember, Svali is exposing the Illuminati group in San Diego that she was involved in.  But she states that they are in every country in the world.  Their goal is to rule the world.  The programming will be changed for the individual, trainer and region and/or country, but the core programming will be the same.

Thank you for reading.  May Abba bless you and keep you safe.

Update: Monarch Mind Control Series

I know I haven’t posted anything for a long time.  That is down to pure procrastination and Abba’s leading (when I am not procrastinating).  Today, though I am not posting anything new.  Instead I am fixing my Monarch Mind Control series.  In other words, completely scrapping it and starting again.  You see, the series was based more or less on Fritz Springmeier’s book “The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave”.  After doing some research on Fritz and observing him make some Satanic Hand Signs, I realised he was false and deliberately misleading us.  Well, I was heartbroken to say the least, because I had in turn deceived you by using his book.  And I knew that I would one day need to take down the series.  After asking Abba on numerous occasions for permission to do so and getting a “wait” in my spirit, I went about my daily business, while still looking for legitimate research on Monarch Mind Control.

Now, let me be clear here.  Fritz does not tell the truth throughout the book, but he DOES tell SOME truth.  Have you ever heard the term “Externalization of Hierarchy”?  Here is a short forum post about E of H (the forum is now discontinued).

This term, “Externalization of Hierarchy,” was coined by Alice Bailey, and occultist in 1920′ and 1930’s. It is the title of her book published in 1934, claiming that she had channeled the knowledge from the ascending master. She was heavily influenced by Helena P. Blavasky, a famous Russian occultist of mid 1880’s.

The essence of this “E of H” is “gradual and step-by-step revealing of the esoteric structure of the Illuminati/Freemasonry in the end time.”

False truthers, such as Fritz Springmeyer, Jordan Maxwell, Bill Cooper, Texe Marrs, Freeman Fly, Alex Jones, Bill Schnoebelen, David Icke, and many more, have been very active lately to partially reveal the structure of the Illuminati, lead many to a convenient half-truth, control the mass, instill the fear of the Illuminati, etc. etc. .. and by doing so … creating another “new” illusion they want the mass to be in so that their New World Order agenda will be smoothly carried out … to summarize briefly.

Therefore … what they are saying is partially true … but, is convenient to the PTB and still a lie. They still attempt to split the mass and doubt and fear each other. The final purpose would be .. “their” order out of chaos … One-world religion is of course one of the agenda …”

And we could scratch our heads trying to figure out what is true and what is false.  But a half-truth is still a lie, and it is better to stay away.  So for that reason, I have started to find legitimate research to replace the misleading truths printed here in this blog.  After repenting of uploading the series, a friend sent me a link to an eBook on the forum the E of H piece came from that I had not seen before.  This book is called “Breaking the Chain: Breaking free of Cult Programming” written by Svali.  I have questioned Abba on her legitimacy and my spirit rings true with much of what she says.  Could she be a part of E of H?  It is possible, and if she is, then I will remove her book from here as well.  But she seems to have gone to ground after writing the book and speaking out about her experiences.  And her writings are not as clinical and cold as Fritz (I regret that I approached the series in the same clinical and cold fashion) so perhaps she is a successful defector.

I will upload the link to her eBook here and then over time publish pieces of it with pictures to help you “see” what she is talking about.  The old series will be taken down during the course of this week, and this post will be the only post on the series for a few days.  Thank you for sticking with me, and I understand if you choose to walk away.

You can read online or download the book here.

Thank you for reading.  May Abba bless you and keep you safe.

Note:  I am hoping with Abba’s leading to continue with my Breaking Free of the Matrix series.  I know I promised that I would continue with Supernatural, but I think you all know enough to know that all Movies and TV shows are twisted and filled with Satanic imagery and suggestions.  So I will be veering more towards reality, such as false flags and reporting on the news and other media.  As of yet, although I have research done to continue, I have not gotten the go ahead to post.  As soon as I do, I will continue with the series.