Satanic/Systematic Ritual Abuse Part 5: Governmental Programming & Scholarship programming

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written here outside of quoted material is my own understanding of the subject matter presented. I ask that you also do your own research. And, please, feel free to correct me on any errors regarding the subject matter you see. While I am referring to Svali’s work in this series, please understand that I am not fully endorsing her, only some aspects of the programming she writes about.

I am so very sorry I was gone so long.  To make a long story short, I have had internet connection issues at my home for pretty much my entire life, namely, we didn’t have it and couldn’t get it.  And for the last year and a half I have engaged with the telephone and broadband company to try to get it installed at home and nothing was happening on their end.  So I had to make do with mobile broadband which was too slow to enable me to update my blog, and updating when I was away from home for a few days here and there.  But finally after a year and a half of phone calls and speaking with engineers, we got it installed.  I won’t get into the details, but suffice to say, I now have a fast connection to the Internet which means I can update much more regularly.  Yay!!

Anyway, that’s my reason for staying away so long, and as this post is not about me, I will end it there and get back to the topic at hand.

So, for this post I will focus on Governmental Programming and Scholarship programming.  But it will be a little different this time as I am going to very briefly summarise each type of programming, and then give you what Svali has written about each type so that you won’t miss any of the details.  So, let’s get down to business.

Governmental Programming

You are all no doubt aware, or at least are perhaps coming to the awareness of the fact that the governments of the world are working towards a specific agenda, a one world system or “New World Order” agenda.  This agenda is created, initiated and carried out by the Illuminati and their operatives.  Governmental programming is, as the name suggests, training and programming of operatives whose main goal is to reach the top-level of government and take it down from the inside.  They are trained in controlling finances, and if the media needs to be controlled, they will be trained on that as well.  This training takes place throughout the operatives career in Government.

“Governmental programming will involve the person being trained to take leadership positions or administrative positions in the government. They may be trained to network with others in governments, both local , national, and international. The Illuminati’s stated goal is to infiltrate, and eventually cause the downfall of, all major governments in the world. Government operatives are taught to do this by: infiltrating local political parties running for leadership both locally and nationally working for top leaders, as administrators, financial advisors funding governmental races and backing the person sympathetic to the Illuminati, or putting their person in to win, creating political chaos and unrest with operatives trained in dissension. The people selected for governmental programming are usually highly intelligent with native charm, or charisma. They are also skilled people manipulators. These abilities may be enhanced through programming, encouraging the person to project a “persona” that will draw people to them.

They are also taught finances extensively. This programming is done by: hypnotizing the person, whether child, youth, or adult (it is usually initiated in late childhood in suitable candidates), and inducing deep trance with drugs. The person is shocked, then told the trainer’s and cult agenda for the person. They are told that they are very special to the Illuminati, and will be one of the people who helps change world history. They are told they will be rewarded with wealth, popularity and power for achieving the cult’s agenda. They are told, and shown, what the punishment for disobedience is. They are shown training films about government, how it works, national and international affairs. They will meet with special teachers, who coach them on the inner political workings of the group they want to infiltrate, including the power structure and strengths and weaknesses of key players.

They will learn any languages necessary for the position. They will go to University, or get any training and education needed for credibility. They will receive special scholarships to finance this, if needed. They are given opportunities to practice their skills at infiltration, information gathering, people manipulation, and politics in set ups, and later in real situations. If they need to learn to control the media, they will learn methods to do this. They will have extensive back up and coaching during their entire career.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, Pages 22-23)

Scholarship Programming

Children with good memories and high intelligence undergo training in this area.  It can include learning under trauma and being shocked or punished for poor performance.

“The Illuminati revere scholarship, especially oral tradition. Children with good memories and native intelligence may undergo specific training in the area of scholarship. This will include learning under trauma, with praise for accomplishment. It will also mean punishment or being shocked for poor performance. Some of the major areas of scholarship include, but are not limited to:

Oral tradition: history of the Illuminati, especially the child’s particular branch, memorizing genealogies. Learning and becoming fluent in multiple languages, both modern and ancient, including but not limited to: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian hieroglyphics; ancient Babylonian, ancient Chaldean and cuneiform writings. Some revered ancient texts are written in very ancient languages, and certain ceremonies may include rituals which utilize them.

Learning ancient and modern history and becoming adept at planning role plays and dramatizations. Learning to teach others the above skills. The child who becomes adept at scholarship will also be expected to become a skilled teacher, and in turn, pass their knowledge down to others. They will practice teaching in both classroom and individual sessions.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, Page 23)

This article is very short and the most of it is Svali’s writing.  I apologise if my summary of each type of programming made the article repetitive.  And I thank you for reading the article.  I will try to not stay away so long next time.



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