Satanic/Systematic Ritual Abuse Part 6: Script Programming and Role Play

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written here outside of quoted material is my own understanding of the subject matter presented. I ask that you also do your own research. And, please, feel free to correct me on any errors regarding the subject matter you see. While I am referring to Svali’s work in this series, please understand that I am not fully endorsing her, only some aspects of the programming she writes about.

In this part, I will focus on Script Programming and Role Play.  As Svali starts with Role Play, I will do that same.  But one note on Script Programming before I start.  If any of you are familiar with the TV show “Once Upon a Time”, you may see a similarity between the characters in the show and Script Programming.  Also the John Carpenter movie “In the Mouth of Madness” seems to have a theme of Role Play and Script Programming, at least that was the sense I got after looking into the movie recently.  Please, if like me, you cannot stomach watching horror movies, then I do not recommend you watch “In the Mouth of Madness”.  Instead, an easier option may be to check out the plot synopsis on IMDB (Internet Movie Database).  This is what I do when I wish to look into a film that I cannot bear to watch but still want to analyse.  The synopses on the website are very detailed but there are no images with them, as they are in the main page of the movie.  Anyone who is unfamiliar with either movie or TV show, you can check out both on IMDB or Wikipedia.  

Role Play

Role Play is used by the Illuminati to reinforce as well as program children and it is also a favourite method of teaching, used to this day.  A visit through time would be a typical set up.  Svali gives an excellent example of a role Play in her book, in which the child is made to believe that he/she has gone back in time to the Roman Empire.  The child would be drugged or hypnotised and with a small group of other children would be told that they are going to time travel.

As the trainer is in control of the “time travel” the children see him/her as an extremely powerful individual.  The children will be taken to another room where everybody will be dressed as members of the Roman Senate.  The individuals in Roman dress will speak to each other in ancient Latin and Caesar or another king will enter the Senate.  All Roman customs for the Senate will be adhered to throughout the Role Play.  All of this is done to teach the idea that many of the important figures in history were Illuminat members and all major historical events were started and/or controlled by the Illuminati to further their agenda.

“One purpose of this role playing, is that the children are told they are getting a “behind the scenes ” peek at history. Illuminati agenda will be put forward, and the children will “see” that famous figures in history were actually Illuminists. This will reinforce their “special ness” and the historicity of the group. It will also reinforce language training, since the scenes may occur in medieval England, or the French court of Louis XIV, etc. The scenes will also contain a moral that builds on programming the children have been undergoing. Maybe they will watch a “traitor” being “guillotined” in the French court. Or an unworthy senator, who tries to betray his king, will be stabbed. The child may be given a role in the play, such as taking a secret message to the king or queen, to reinforce courier programming. The child really believes that they have stepped back into history, and are part of the process of helping create history.”  (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, Page 24)

Script Programming

As technology improves with the passing of time, programming has become more sophisticated.  Before television or movies, Script Programming was done using fairy tales or stories that were read aloud by one trainer while another trainer worked with the child.  The reader would read in a sing-song voice.  The story would be read to the child, who has been put under hypnosis, and has been traumatized.  The child will be told he/she is one of the characters in the story.  The child will be told the “real” meaning of the story, or in other words, the Illuminati ideals that are hidden within the story, which would go unnoticed by a non-Illuminati child or parent.  The child is then told to remember the real meaning should they ever hear the story or read it.

Now movies and television are more frequently used in programming.  As Walt Disney was an Illuminati member, Disney films are used for Script Programming, especially the classic animated versions of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, etc.  In fact Fantasia was designed specifically for programming, and all Disney films since then have been designed for dissociation and programming.  Any movie that features Illuminati themes can be used.  In recent years, E.T. and the Star Wars movies are used in Script Programming.  Remember the famous line “E.T. phone home”?  That is often used in “phone programming” a form of recontact programming in the event that a survivor of Ritual Abuse should ever try to break away from the Illuminati.  I will not get into that in this post, as Svali deals with recontact in a later chapter.

How Script programming is done

“The trainer will play the movie for the child. The child is told that they will be “asked about ” the movie, this cues the child to use photographic recall about what they are viewing. The trainer may show the child an edited shorter version of the movie, with only parts of the whole, or may show the child a short scene from the movie.

After watching the movie, or scene, the child is drugged to relax it, then asked what it remembers. The child will be shocked if it cannot recall items the trainer deems important, and will be forced to watch the scenes repetitively.

When the child has total recall of the segments, the trainer will tell the child that it is one of the characters. The child may be heavily traumatized first, and a blank slate personality created inside to be the desired character. The first thing the blank slate sees is a recording of the movie, or scene. This is its “first memory”. The trainer will then link the scene with Illuminati ideology. They will teach the child the “hidden meaning” in the movie, and praise the child for being one of the few “enlightened ones” who can understand what it truly means. The script programming will often be linked to other programming the child is undergoing. Military programming may be linked to Star Wars. Total recall programming may be linked to Data in Star Trek. Computer programming may be linked to Hal in 2001 A Space Odyssey; internal labyrinth programming may be linked to the movie “Labyrinth”. The possibilities are quite varied and will depend on both the child and the trainer as to which direction script programming will go. Music from the show, or scene, will be used as a trigger to access the programming inside or bring forward these personalities.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, Pages 24-25)

Thank you for reading.  In the next post I will focus on Betrayal Programming.