Update on Satanic/Systematic Ritual Abuse Series

My previous post on this series is the final post in this series.  While I am well aware that I have not covered the entire book, it had not ever been my intention to do so.  In the very first update before I started this series I posted a link to Svali’s book in a PDF download.  I did this for one reason, so that should you wish to learn about this topic, you would have the material in front of you.  But I found the final few chapters of Svali’s book gut wrenching to read and I did not have the heart nor the will to try to explain the programming involved in those chapters.  For this I apologise as I feel I am doing you a disservice by not continuing, but my heart is heavy when I think of the information in those chapters.

I will say this though.  What Svali writes about is specific to the cult she left.  By this I mean mind control has grown in strength and prevalence in the last few decades, and now it is WIDESPREAD.  I do not mean that every person on the planet has undergone this form of trauma based mind control, but society as a whole has been conditioned by subliminal imagery and suggestions to believe that we are not in danger, and we can trust our elected leaders to protect us in times of trouble.  This form of mind control is more subtle because it involves the slow, gradual release of a subliminal idea in mass media, such as newspapers, books, TV, and movies.  This idea will be repeated so that over time you will come to accept and agree with it without even realising you are doing so.  And the best way to get an idea accepted is through fear.  Set up or show a truly frightening situation or idea, then offer a solution to alleviate that fear and people will get behind it.

9/11 is one such example.  We all remember where we were when we heard and saw that the planes had hit the Twin Towers.  But here’s the thing.  It emerged in the days, weeks and months, and still to this day, it is being shared for all to see, that Tower 7, the second tower to be hit was brought down by a controlled demolition.  However, the world was so shocked by what we saw on our TVs that we had no clue what to think.  Who would fly planes directly into two tower blocks essentially killing thousands of people?  WHY would somebody choose to do this?  The planes hitting the towers was the truly frightening situation.  So what was the solution?

In the hours and days that followed, we were told who perpetrated the attach.  Osama Bin Laden, and al-Qaeda.  And so began the  never-ending War on Terror.  The invasion of Iraq.  The killing of Saddam Hussein, which was preceded by report after report of the atrocities he performed against his own people, which lead to us being all for his capture, imprisonment, trial and execution.  This was followed by revolution after revolution in Middle Eastern countries and the overthrowing of political leaders.  And then the news we were all waiting for: Osama Bin Laden has been found and killed.  The world rejoiced.  We could relax now because the War on Terror could end, right?

Wrong!  Now we have to deal with home-grown terrorists.  Sandy Hook, Aurora, Orlando, to name just a few.  There is a reason why the War on terror is never-ending.  Any time the elites want to gain more control over us, they just create a new terror strike and we, the people, will soak up whatever solution they throw at us.

I could go on and on about this, but I risk getting sidetracked so instead I will post some links from Vigilant Citizen on these topics and you can research this for yourselves.

More Info on Mind Control

Muse on Mind Control and 9/11

Mass Shootings and Mass Media

Now, what I say next, I say knowing that some who read this will not agree, and may think I am a conspiracy theorist or a scaremonger, and that is okay.  You may not even agree with this post in its entirety, and that’s okay too.  The tagline of my blog is “For Those who Have eyes to see and Ears to Hear”.  You may not see the world the way I do, and that is fine.  But just because you don’t does not mean you are not welcome here.  It just means you may have a harder time digesting what I post.

Have any of you seen the movie Escape From New York?  For those of you who haven’t I recommend you check it out on IMDB.  Basically in the movie New York has become a prison.  Over the last few weeks I have been watching the news and reading articles online like some on Vigilant Citizen, and I really have begun to feel like we are living in a prison like in Escape From New York.  Since 9/11 our right to free speech has been affected, especially when it comes to pursuing your personal faith.  In the last year the Syrian refugees crisis and Donald Trump being elected and cracking down on the illegal immigrants in America has seriously impacted on freedom of movements, mainly for immigrants.  And last month I saw an article on Vigilant Citizen that I am currently unsure whether it is real, but still alert to the fact that it could be.  Nothing surprises me anymore.  In this article, Facebook are developing a smart phone that can access and transmit your thoughts.  This is done by using infrared signals which can read and store your thoughts.  I don’t really understand the science behind it.  The transmissions are just the thoughts you would have spoken anyway, so you don’t need to worry about every thought being transmitted.

Now so far the article just mentions your phone posting your thoughts to Facebook, but the consequences of this are alarming.  Where are your thoughts stored on the phone?  And bear in mind that it is a smart phone that is being developed, not an app.  Which means that this smartphone can potentially do more with your thoughts than post to Facebook.  And considering that intelligence agencies are able to gain access to your smartphones currently to track you and gain as much information as they can on you, imagine the extremely sensitive information they can glean from your thoughts.  The article can be found here.

So now, with the terrorist alert words, and the alarmingly long list of criteria for potential terrorists, our right to free speech is being impacted as we must be careful what we say in case we are considered terrorists.  Our freedom of movement has been impacted since 9/11.  And this potential smart phone can enable the elites through intelligence agencies to control our thoughts as like with free speech we may need to monitor our own thoughts.  Or better yet, should the phone come on the market, don’t buy the phone, and try to avoid any apps that use the technology should they also be developed.

Do you see now why I say I can see a prison being built around us by the elites.  But do not fear if you feel this way too.  Things must get worse before they get better.  That is why YHVH will put us through the Tribulation.  It will be a final chance for us to endure and be perfected.  But just as this world will come to an end, so will the elites plans and system we must currently live in.  Trust in YHVH and Yeshua.  Everything is in their control, just as you are.  They will keep you throughout these times and will not let you fall.

I will leave the link to Svali’s book in downloadable PDF format here.

Thank you for reading this post and this series.  I will be back sometime in the future to resume my Breaking Free of the Matrix series.




Satanic/Systematic Ritual Abuse Part 7: Betrayal Programming and Internal Structures

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written here outside of quoted material is my own understanding of the subject matter presented. I ask that you also do your own research. And, please, feel free to correct me on any errors regarding the subject matter you see. While I am referring to Svali’s work in this series, please understand that I am not fully endorsing her, only some aspects of the programming she writes about.

In this post I will focus on betrayal programming, which is the sixth step of discipline.  I will also focus on internal structures.  As I have done in a previous post, I will take the majority of the information straight from Svali’s book.

Betrayal Programming

“Betrayal programming will begin in infancy, but will be formalized at around ages six to seven, and continue on into adulthood. The sixth step can be summarized as : “betrayal is the greatest good.” The Illuminists teach this to their children as a very important spiritual principle. They idealize betrayal as being the true state of man. The quick-witted, the adept, learns this quickly and learns to manipulate it.

The child will learn this principle through set up after set up. The child will be placed in situations where an adult who is kindly, and in set up after set up “rescues” the child, gains its trust. The child looks up to the adult as a “savior” after the adult intervenes and protects the child several times. After months or even a year of bonding, one day in a set up the child will turn to the adult for help. The adult will back away, mocking the child, and begin abusing it. This sets in place the programming: adults will always betray a child and other adults.

Another set up will involve twinning, which deserves special mention here. The Illuminati will often create twin bonds in their children. The ideal is to have a set of real twins, but of course this is not always possible. So, the child is allowed to play with, and become close to, another child in the cult from earliest childhood. At some point early on, the child will be told that the other child is actually their “twin”, and that they were separated at birth. They are told that this is a great secret and not to tell anyone, on pain of punishment. The child, who is often lonely and isolated, is overjoyed. It has a twin, someone who has a special bond to them by birth.

The children do everything together. They are taught together, do military training together. They tell each other secrets. They are also frequently friends in the daytime as well. They are taught to cross access each other just as real siblings would be.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, pages 25-26)

However, at some point the children will be forced to hurt each other.  If, for whatever reason, one of the twins is considered expendable then a set up could occur where the expendable twin will die as the other twin watches.  I need to point out here that both twins would be forced into the roles of dying and watching.  Even if one twin is not considered expendable there will be set up after set up where one or maybe both of the twins will be forced to hurt, hit and betray the trust of the other twin.

Should the twin being asked to hurt the other refuse, then the other twin will be horrifically beaten and abused in front of the refusing child, who will be told that if the child had agreed, this wouldn’t have happened.  This will inevitably cause the child to hurt his/her twin believing that in doing so, he/she is sparing the other child from worse pain.  The numerous set ups will devastate both children, and teach them the ultimate lesson from these set ups: betray or be betrayed.

“The children will also have adult role models on every hand, since the cult is a very political, hierarchical, back stabbing society. Adults are constantly betraying each other, stepping over each other to move up. The children will watch one adult being praised, advanced, because they betrayed others below them, or set them up to fail. The children will learn quickly to mimic the adults around them, and both adults and children can become quite cynical as to human nature. They will have seen it at its worst, whether in training sessions, the brutality of a C.O. in military, or the gossip and back stabbing that occurs before and after rituals. They also incorporate the message internally: play the game, or be run over. Even the youngest children learn to manipulate others adeptly, at a very young age, while the adults laugh at how quickly they are learning adult ways. People manipulation is considered a fine art in the cult, and those who do it best, as in any group, often win out.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, page 26)

Internal Structures

Authors Note: This will be taken entirely from Svali’s book, as Svali keeps the explanation of the different structures very short, and it would be difficult for me to expand on them without going into other, possibly unreliable sources.

“Another type of programming involves the deliberate creation of internal structures within the cult member.

Internal structures: temples, eyes, mirrors, carousels etc.

The Illuminati trainers will try to create internal structures within the person’s personality systems. Why? They believe this creates better stability. It also gives the alters and fragments a place to “hang on to” inside, and creates a convenient way to call them up. If a fragment is indexed inside to an internal helix, for example, the trainer knows how to locate them more easily.

Internal structures will vary greatly depending on the trainer, the group, the region of the U.S. or Europe and the goals for the individual. Common internal structures will include, but are not limited to:

Temples: these are often consecrated to principle Illuminati deities, and spiritual alters will congregate here. This may represent actual temples, Masonic or private, that the subject may have visited.

Temple of Moloch will be created out of black stone with a fire burning internally.

All seeing eye of Horus: one of the most common structures in an Illuminati system; universal. Horus is a deity revered by the Illuminati, and the all seeing eye internally represents the fact that the cult can always see what the individual is doing. It will also represent being given to Horus in a high ceremony. The eye may be closed, or open, depending on the system’s status at the time. This eye will also be linked to demonic watching of the person’s activities at all time.

Pyramids: the Illuminati revere ancient Egyptian symbology, especially “mystery religion” and Temple of Set teachings. Pyramids will be placed internally both for stability (a triangle, and/or pyramid represents strength and stability), and as a calling place for the demonic. Pyramids and triangles, and the number three, represent calling up the demonic in Illuminist philosophy.

Sun: represents Ra, the sun god

Geometric figures: configurations of circles, triangles, pentagons, etc. Geometric patterns are considered sacred, and are based in ancient philosophy. There may be hundreds overlapping in a training grid for complex systems, which will house fragments in each one.

Training grids: these may be simplistic, such as cubes with patterns on them, rows of boxes, or more complex such as helixes, double helixes, infinity loops. Each trainer will have favorites classified as simple, medium and complex, depending on the child and its ability to recall and memorize.

Columns: Greek Doric, ionic columns. Often hold “time travel” programming, with a portal between two columns.

Computers: complex, highly dissociated systems with alters and fragments held within a computer system.

Robots: may be seen in older systems

Crystals: gems, balls, multifaceted. Used in spiritual systems to enhance occult powers. Alters and fragments may congregate on facets of a large ball.

Mirrors: used internally to reinforce other programming sequences, internal twinning, and distortion of reality programming. May create shadow systems of functional systems. May also lock in demonic programming.

Carousels: used in some programming sequences to confuse alters inside. Often linked to spin, confusion programming internally. May be used to punish internal alters; they will be spun on the carousel if they tell.

Deck of cards: this can include cards from a deck, or complex configurations made of hundreds of card inside. Dominoes programming is similar. All touch each other and if person tries to dismantle programming, the deck will “fall”.

Black boxes: represent self destruct and shatter programming sealed off into a black box to protect system. Should not be opened without careful preparation and good therapy.

Mines, booby traps: see above

Spider webs: represent linked programming, with a spider (internal programmer) who continuously reweaves the web and reinforces internal programming and punishments. The web also communicates with other systems. Can also represent demonic linkages internally, woven in.

Internal training rooms: used as punishments for internal alters. Will represent external training rooms person has been in.

Internal walls: these will often represent very large internal amnesia barriers.

The walls may be very thick, impermeable or semi permeable. A typical use for a wall will be to maintain high levels of amnesia between “front” or daily living, amnesic alters, and “back” or cult active alters that contain more of the person’s life history. The back may be able to selectively see over and cross past the wall, but the front will be completely unaware that there is a wall, or what lays behind it.

Seals: usually in a group of six or seven, represent demonic sealing, and may cover end times, shatter programming, as well as role within cult in new hierarchy.

These are some common programming structures. Again, there are many, many other types of internal structures used and the number and type are only limited by the trainer’s and survivor’s creative abilities. The way that these structures are placed within the person are fairly similar. Under drugs, hypnosis and electroshock, the person is traumatized into a deep trance state. In the deep trance they will be told to open their eyes and look at: either a projected image of the structure, a 3D model of it, or a holographic image using a virtual reality headset. The image will be ground in, using shock and bringing the image closer and closer to the person’s visual field. It may be rotated, if graphics are available, or a 3D is used. They may be told that they are entering inside it, if it is a temple or pyramid, under deep hypnosis, that they (the alter being programmed) will now “live inside” the structure/box/card, etc. This will also be used to reinforce amnesia and isolation programming internally, since the structure will be used to reinforce walls between the alter/ fragment and other alters and fragments internally.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, pages 26-28)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  I would just like to state here that I am not going into every chapter in Svali’s book because there is some content that is just truly awful and I do not have the heart to post about it here or anywhere.  In the first part I provided the link to Svali’s book for download, so should you wish to know it all, you can read it in its entirety there.