If you’ve just come to my site, hello and welcome!! Okay, just to explain a few things. The header (it’s at the top and it starts with “Repent”).  About the header. In order to gain Salvation you have to repent, no two ways about it, you need to be genuinely, sorrowfully, repentant of ALL of your sin. That means everything that you KNOW or EVEN THINK you committed against our Heavenly Father. Just tell YHVH and Yeshua (Jesus) what you have done, tell them every sin you can remember, and if you can’t remember every sin (I’m not judging you, even I couldn’t remember every sin I had committed, I had to ask Yeshua to show me the sins I hadn’t repented of) ask them and they will tell you or show you.

If you are sincere in your repentance and you genuinely want to turn away from your sin, YHVH has forgiven you. I’m sure you’re asking, how do I know?, especially if you have just repented and you don’t know if you’re forgiven. If you are genuinely sorry for the pain you have caused YHVH and Yeshua and for living a life separate from them (you may have cried while you were repenting, which is a sign of sincerity), and you feel like someone has pulled everything that is weighing you down and keeping you in pain and bondage out of you, you ARE forgiven. That feeling? That’s YHVH breaking the chains around your soul, freeing your spirit and making you whole again. And I bet for the first time you feel real true love in your heart, right? That’s YHVH pouring His love FOR YOU into your heart.

This world can be a hard place for Bible loving, God-fearing Christians to live in, and I also know it can be difficult to find a safe place where you are with others who share your mindset.  To that end, I will do my utmost to keep this site as respectful to YHVH and site visitors as possible.  But, I am also going to put out the truth about the world today. It’s not nice, but the people need to know what kind of world we live in, and I make no apologies for it. If YHVH and Yeshua tell the truth with no compromises, then YHVH’s people, the saints, should do the same. If you don’t want the uncompromising truth, then turn back now because this website is not going to give you what you seek. But if you want the truth and you want to find Yeshua and YHVH, then please stay and look around. I will do my absolute best to help you find Them.

One final thing. You will NEVER learn the truth about YHVH, Yeshua and true repentance in a church. You can talk about how you’re pastors talk about heaven and hell all you like, but the  truth is, you don’t NEED a church to have a relationship with YHVH and Yeshua. What’s more, the pastors in the churches know it too, which is why they try to discredit true believers because they know that if every single person in the world believed as we do, the churches would close their doors forever tomorrow. Churches work for Satan not YHVH. I found YHVH while I was on my knees praying and repenting. I never found Him in a church. And YOU won’t find Him there either. So, if you are in a church trying to find YHVH, leave and go home, fall to your knees and pray. Pray day and night that YHVH will make Himself known to you. Pray sincerely and when He does, because He comes to those who sincerely seek Him, sincerely repent to Him and He will forgive you.




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