Satanic/Systematic Ritual Abuse Part 4: Brain Wave Programming

Disclaimer: Please note that anything written here outside of quoted material is my own understanding of the subject matter presented. I ask that you also do your own research. And, please, feel free to correct me on any errors regarding the subject matter you see. While I am referring to Svali’s work in this series, please understand that I am not fully endorsing her, only some aspects of the programming she writes about.

As the title suggests this article is about Brain Wave Programming.  As with my previous articles, I will use parts of Svali’s book to explain this type of programming.  Brain Wave Programming is dependant on a number of different factors.

“These include: the child’s ability to dissociate; the region of the country or which country the child grows up in; the level of ability of the trainers the child has contact with; physical resources and equipment available. There is no one “recipe” that fits every person and it would be ridiculous to state that all people who go through brain wave programming have it done the same way. More and more, programmers are talking, sharing knowledge over the net, both nationally and internationally, and sharing both successes and failures. But there is no one standardized methodology for brain wave programming. It will often be influenced by the child herself, as well as the trainer’s whims. Different groups may organize the systems differently, or try to achieve different effects.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult programming”, written by Svali, Page 16)

So, what is brain wave programming exactly?  This type of programming involves a young child falling into a deep trance state, where he/she learns to dissociate according to certain brain wave patterns.  This is difficult to do and not all children can.

The child will be attached to an EEG machine, and the child will be tested for a certain brain wave.  Lets use the Delta brain wave as an example.  To carry out the test, electrodes will be attached to the child’s head.  Usually, two or more trainers will work with one child.

One of the trainers will prepare the child by giving by giving her a hypnotic drug to induce the trance state.  Only the electrodes that are used to pick up the Delta state will be attached to the child.  This is done to save time.

“The prepped child will be on a “trainer’s table”, and will be quite relaxed. The average child is about eight years old when this is begun, since the cerebral cortex and neurological development are not advanced enough at earlier ages (It has been tried at earlier ages, quite unsuccessfully, in the past; this practice was dropped because of the neurological damage and “failure to take rate” that trainers were seeing). The non prepping trainer will then let the child know exactly what he/she expects: that they will achieve a special state, called “delta state”. The trainer tells the child, while they are in trance state, that they will know when they reach it, by the readings from the electrodes.

The trainer will tell the child alter, who has been called up to be a “template”, or building block for the new system, that delta is good. They will emphasize this over and over. The child will then be shocked to increase its receptivity to learning. This also arouses the child from its drugged state and it will be more alert. It will want to please the trainer. The trainer will tell the child that she/he wants it to perform certain mental exercises. It will then give it backwards counting exercises, used to help the child achieve deeper trance states. Other verbal cues to trance down may be given. When the prepping or technical trainer sees delta waveforms, he or she will signal the verbal trainer with a hand motion. The verbal, or teaching trainer will immediately reward the child, saying, “good, you are in delta now.” The trainer will caress the child, tell it what a good job it is doing. If the child bounces out of delta state, the verbal trainer will immediately become harsh, and will shock the child as punishment. The child is told that it left delta (which is “good”) and needs to go back in.

The induction, counting, will be repeated until delta state is seen again, when the child is repeatedly rewarded for entering, then staying in this state for longer and longer periods. The trainers are using biofeedback principles to teach the child to consistently cue into a brain wave pattern. When the template can stay in delta pattern consistently, the template will be rewarded. This will occur over several months.

The trainers will now have a template that stays always in delta state, that they can begin splitting and using as the basis of forming a new system inside. They will do this using the tools of drugs, hypnosis and trauma. The new system created will record delta waves on an EEG if done correctly. The new system will be taught what delta means. The trainers will often flash a cue, or delta (triangle) symbol on a projector overhead, and “grind in” the delta imprinting. They will wear robes with delta signs on them, and cloth the subject in clothing or robes imprinted with the delta sign. They will teach the alters under hypnosis what deltas do, how they act. They will reward them when they comply, and shock or otherwise traumatize them if they do not act like “deltas”. They will be given delta jobs. They will watch high frequency films, that show delta functions. They may build in a computer like structure to hold the system, showing pictures of its organization while the subject is under deep trance, after creating a clean slate through trauma.

These are some examples of how delta programming may be induced.

Other brain wave states will be induced in similar manners. They will often be formed from templates which are extremely young internal child alters who may be split from core splits, as the basis for the programming.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, Pages 16-17)

Common brain wave states used are as follows:

  1. Alpha

This is the easiest state to reach and includes the youngest and more easily accessible alters of the entire system.  Young children stay in alpha state for long periods of time and must be trained to enter other brain wave states and stay in the states for a long period of time.  Access codes and sexual alters will be placed within this state and will be colour coded red.

2. Beta

“This is the next most easily reached state, and is often associated with aggressive impulses. Beta state will often hold cult protectors, internal warriors, and military systems. They may be color coded blue.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, Page 17)

3. Gamma

Alters that are extremely loyal to the cult are placed in this state.  This state will also have more emotions than other states, with the exception of Alpha.   Suicide programming will be placed into this state as these alters would rather die than leave or betray the family.  The system created within this state will contain scholarship programming as memorizing by rote is expected.  Alters will speak several languages as the Illuminati like to have their members speak up to eight languages, both modern and ancient.

4. Delta

“This is one of the more cognitive brain wave states, and will often be highly dissociated. It may also be the “ruling” or controlling state over the other brain wave systems. Often, delta state may be configured inside as a computer, and the delta alters will have emotionless, flat alters with photographic memories. They may hold most of the cognitive memories for the other systems, especially if extensive amnesia programming has been done. Delta state may have up to three levels of training: delta 1, delta 2, and delta 3 which will also correlate to security access allowed within the cult; i.e. access to highly confidential information. Behavioral sciences programming may be held by this system. Internal programmers, self destruct, psychotic, and shatter programming as well as other punishment programming sequences to prevent outside access or internal access to the systems may be held within delta systems. It may be color coded both orange/blue/purple, and will also often be the entry way to higher systems such as jewels or internal councils, inside.

5. Epsilon

This is often a “hidden system” and may hold CIA programming and high level governmental programming . Assassin programming may be held in this system, or in the beta system, depending on the trainer. Covert operations, courier operations, learning to tail a subject, or “drop a tag”, disguises, getting out of difficult situations, may be handled by this system, which sees itself as chameleon-like. It may be color coded brown.

6. Phi/Theta/Omega programming

This represents negative spiritual programming. These are the “dark” ritual alters, who participate in blood rituals, sacrifices, and ceremonies. Internal witches, warlocks, seers, psychics, readers, and occult practitioners will be placed in this system, which has highly developed right brain and deep trance abilities. They will often be color coded black.” (“Breaking the Chain: Breaking Free of Cult Programming”, written by Svali, Pages 17-18)

This has been a brief overview of Brain Wave Programming.  It is often placed between the ages of 8 and 21, with reinforcement carried out from time to time after the age of 21.  I recommend you to read Svali’s book for suggestions about healing from such programming with the aid of a trusted therapist.

Thank you for reading.  In Part 2 I explained CIA programming.  In the next part I will explain governmental programming, which is training the child/adult to take up positions of leadership or high level administration role.  I will also explain what Scholarship programming is.