In this section I will be posting YouTube videos that I find useful and that may help you in your search for Truth. Be warned, the Truth about this world is not easy to learn, and once you learn it you can’t unlearn it. Once you know it, you cannot forget it, no matter how hard you try, believe me I’ve tried, and it always, ALWAYS, reveals itself to be true. But do not fear, because if you are one of the Lost sheep then you will have Yeshua with you always and His Truth is not hard to bear and it will get so much easier when you trust Him to get you through.

The Push to Regulate the Internet is Stronger Than Ever [YouTube Video]

2 thoughts on “Videos”

    1. That would be because either the original uploader took it down, or YouTube deleted it. The video is linked to the YouTube site, so if it can’t be accessed here, it can’t be accessed on YouTube either. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do to fix this.


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