Fallen Angels

The reason I have these videos under the heading Fallen Angels is because the CIA, FBI and secret service agents all over the world such as M16 and others, and even members of the world’s Governments have been infiltrated by members of the Illuminati. The Illuminati worship satan and everything they do is purely for him. All of these videos that I have put here are under this heading for a reason. All of these Operations and Projects are all masterminded by worshippers of Satan in an effort to control and enslave the world. The thing is, these people don’t know that they themselves and controlled and enslaved by Satan, because they don’t see that they are deceived by the very entity they serve.

Now this next video, I’m pretty certain that the man and woman are Reptilians so be careful while watching this video, but there is some truth here, but please discern for yourselves and DO THE RESEARCH!

This next video contains clips from the 2009 film “The Killing room”. This movie was about four random strangers who agreed to undergo a psychological research study. Sound familiar? If you’re thinking this sounds like MK Ultra you’d be right. However, bear in mind that this was made by Hollywood and just because the movie is about MK Ultra doesn’t mean they are telling you everything, or even the truth. NEVER trust Hollywood. I am just putting this video here so that you can see that the Illuminati have been sharing their agenda for YEARS. Unfortunately, they did it purely because they knew the vast majority of the people would not know what they were referring to and view it as science fiction. And also, sadly, so that we would become desensitized to the ugliness of this world, accepting it as a fact of life, never questioning, never thinking beyond what we see with our own two eyes.

This next video is about a subproject of Project MKDELTA called Project SPAN. As part of this project the food of a French town Pont-Saint-Espirit was poisoned with LSD causing mass psychosis and several deaths. For more information look up Project MKULTRA on Wikipedia.

This next video is about a sub-project of MK Ultra called Project Monarch. Monarch Mind Control is Trauma Based Mind Control. Basically, the subject being controlled is put under extreme trauma caused by extreme pain and extreme fear. This trauma is constant and goes on for long periods of time, at the minimum, hours, at the maximum, days if not more. The result is that the mind cannot sustain the levels of trauma it is submitted to, and breaks or “dissociates”. While the person is in this dissociated state, an alter is formed as a result of the split that causes the dissociation. The alter is then programmed with a new personality, complete with a backstory, essentially a new person is formed within the person’s mind. This alter is then usually bonded, through witchcraft, with a demon who controls when the alter comes out. As well as that, the alter is also bonded to a key word or “trigger”. When this word is spoken, the alter is triggered and it manifests itself in the person. The person is now known as a Monarch Slave. A Monarch Slave can have multiple alters, and any one of these alters can be triggered at one time. Almost every Hollywood actor or actress, and singer in the Music Industry is a Slave. We never see the real person, we always see the alter.

Also, please understand something. The Slaves that have come out and expose their programming and what has been done to them, still have their alters! Some of the Slaves that have come out are still controlled and it is the alter that is doing the exposing. Sometimes that person stops and starts and mentions blocks in their mind. This is done by the demon that controls the alter. The alter only knows what it is programmed to know, nothing else! If the alter exposes the programming, it is only because it has been programmed to do so. However, that being said, there is a lot of truth being exposed about the Monarch Program, however, watch this, and any other exposing videos with caution and discernment. The number one reason to be suspicious is this: they are still alive. Why I am saying this is because the Illuminati and Luciferians CANNOT afford for the Truth to get out and will KILL those on the inside who expose them. So, if these people have been around for years and have not “disappeared”, it is for one of 2 reasons. Either the Illuminati have  not found them and killed them, which is highly unlikely seeing as the Illuminati have control over most surveillance equipment, or, the people exposing the Illuminati are working with them and are exposing only what the Illuminati want in the public domain. They will reveal some truth, but not everything, and even then they will mix the truth with lies. That is why I urge you to research Project Monarch BEFORE you watch any exposing videos, so that you can pick out the shills from the truthful.

This next video is about Project Stargate.  Project Stargate was a project that the U.S. engaged in during the Cold War.  In this project the U.S. army engaged in a number of tests to try to create psychic soldiers.  Did you ever hear of the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats”?  This is a dark comedy that is about a reporter who interviews and becomes involved in the life of a man who alleges he is one such psychic soldier.  The title is a reference to the fact that these soldiers would try to kill goats with their mind, perhaps as a pre-cursor to killing other people with their minds?

I am sharing this next video not because of any truth, but because this will help you to see some quick signs that the person speaking is a reptilian, and therefore you should be wary of anything he/she says.  This man’s tongue constantly flicks up and down inside his mouth and also shoots in and out very quickly.  Also notice some very subtle teeth shifting on the bottom row of teeth.  Yes, there is light reflecting on his teeth, but his bottom left canine tooth grows and becomes pointed and then shrinks back to normal size throughout the video.  Tongue flicking is one of the ways to spot a reptilian.  Our tongues do move inside our mouths as we talk, but have you ever seen somebody’s tongue move this much and this quickly?  That is the point.  His tongue flicks extremely fast and his tongue shoots in and out just as fast.  Have you ever seen a snake’s tongue move and flick.  It is incredibly fast isn’t it?  Need I say more?

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